Trading with Margin against shares with SAMCO

What is trading with margin against shares? As a normal practice, limits for trading in the stock market are given only against bank funds i.e. funds transferred from a client’s bank account. Using the money transferred from the bank to his/her trading account, a client can trade in all segments. However, majority of […]

Nifty 50 Index

FutureYou switch on any business news channel on television and some of the most spoken topics include Sensex and Nifty. You can refer our article on the Sensex, this article refers to the Nifty. Nifty Definition or What is NIFTY? The NIFTY 50 or simply NIFTY as it is popularly known is India’s most tracked Index […]

S&P BSE Sensex 30

One of the first and most common questions that any entrant to the capital market asks is “What is the meaning of Sensex?” and is often followed by “What is the BSE Sensex today?” Meaning of Sensex S&P BSE SENSEX 30 or simply Sensex as it is popularly known is […]

What is Exposure margin?

What is the Meaning of Exposure Margin? In addition to SPAN margin which is collected at the time of initiating trades, an additional margin over and above the SPAN margin is collected which is known as the Exposure margin and is also known as additional margin. This margin is collected in […]

What is SPAN Margin?

At the time of initiating trades on the stock and commodity exchanges in India, exchanges usually block margins. These margins comprise of 2 components which include SPAN margins and Exposure margins. What is SPAN Margin? SPAN margin derives its origin from SPAN i.e. Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk which is […]