Our Samco Heroes

Kunaal Malik pic

Kunaal Malik

Ludhiana, Punjab

Before Samco's 'My Trade Story' feature, my average profit was 17,000. Now, it's an impressive 27,000. This tool helped me see where I could do better in my trading. Samco made it easy for me to improve my strategies, and now I trade with more confidence. The app is simple to use, and this feature really made a difference in...

Alkesh Shah pic

Alkesh Shah

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

As a full-time intraday options trader from Ahmedabad, my primary goal is to protect my trading capital and enhance profitability. I've experimented with various options strategies on indices and stocks. Thanks to Samco's My Trade Story, I identified my weaknesses and areas for improvement in just a month...

Adjusting my approach based on Andekha Sach feature insights led to a remarkable 4X growth in profitability while consistently preserving my capital. Grateful for Samco's valuable tools that transformed my trading journey.

Golam Mohammad

Golam Mohammad

Rampur Hat, West Bengal

As a full-time intraday futures trader in Rampur Hat, Samco's My Trade Story revolutionized my approach. Identifying that Index Futures were causing substantial losses, I swiftly adapted, focusing on what truly worked for me. The Andekha Sach feature provided insightful guidance, resulting in a...

remarkable 4X increase in profitability—from Rs. 26,517 to an impressive Rs. 33,880. In just a month, Samco's tools not only safeguarded my capital but propelled my trading journey to new heights. Grateful for the transformative impact, Samco's tools have had on my intraday trading success!

Sahuraj Mohan Patil

Sahuraj Mohan Patil

Satara, Maharashtra

Samco's My Trade Story was a game-changer for me. Recognizing the pitfalls in Index Futures, I swiftly pivoted to what truly worked. The Andekha Sach feature offered invaluable insights, leading to a remarkable 4X surge in profitability—from Rs. 26,517 to an impressive Rs. 33,880. In a mere month...

Samco's tools not only shielded my capital but also propelled my trading journey to unprecedented heights. I'm grateful for the transformative impact Samco's tools have had on my intraday trading success!


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