Multibagger Indian Stocks for 2020

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Any stocks which is not a blue-chip stock and the has given the return of more than 100% in a single year may be considered as a multibagger stock;lets understand it in a bit detail. Usually bluechip stocks don’t grow 100% year on year basis. The growth is always there in a blue-chip stock but again that has its own the limitation. Usually investors and traders are well informed about the blue-chip companies. When it comes multibagger stocks only few people may be aware of the company and the stock and such investors go for bulk purchases in a less known company. As soon as other investors come to know about the stock, they also start buying the stock. This leads to tremendous growth in the price of the stock year on year basis. One more important point which makes sense is that if any stock has grown by let say 150% in previous year then it is expected that next year the stock may grow by let say 100% and next year let’s say 60% and likewise. This kind of decreasing rate of compounding actually converts the stock into a market winner.

The list below presents the list of Indian Stocks which can turn into a multibagger stocks by 2020. Investors need to conduct proper research before investing multibagger stocks as stock markets are subject to risks.

List of multibagger indian stocks for 2020 (Last updated on March 01,2018)

Company Name LTP March-01-2018 LTP July-26-2017 Percentage Growth EPS MarketCap Shares Issued
Rain Industries 361.05 129.8 178.1587057 16.17 122369296762 338926190
Bombay Dyeing 254.5 85.6 197.3130841 0.99 52743449118 207243415
Radico Khetan 351.5 129.55 171.3238132 6.01 46562127301 132466934
Kolte patil 337.9 169.9 98.88169511 14.83 25703765321 76069150
Delta corp 352.75 170.45 106.9521854 4.65 94094133663 266744532
VIP Industries 350.5 180.6 94.07530454 7.83 49597658122 141505444
IFB Industries 1440 706.4 103.8505096 15.61 58263999840 40461111

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(Note: The above list is for information purpose only. Avoid trading and investing based on the information given above. Before investing in stocks do due diligence).


  1. Yashpal

    Best knowledge share based on true market research…
    Good job done thanks a lot

    1. We hope we’ve done our job to your expectations, Sir. Thank you so much for these words of praises. Please stay connected for more insights into the trading scene. Have a great day ahead!

  2. Mr mohinder Singh gupta

    Innformative information and collection of
    Companies is search based.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. We’ll surely update the list in the near future, as per the data in hand. Please do stick around for more market insights from our Research department. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Have a great day!

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