Best Stocks To Buy In April 2024

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Investing in stocks can be challenging with so many choices out there, especially in today's ever-changing market. Whether you're new to investing or have experience, picking the right stocks is essential for reaching your financial goals. That's why we've put together this list featuring five top stocks that offer both growth potential and stability, making it easier for you to make informed investment decisions.

Our selection process considers various factors including company performance, industry trends, and market forecasts to identify stocks poised for success. We understand the importance of simplicity and clarity in investment recommendations, so we've distilled complex financial jargon into straightforward insights to help you make confident investment choices.

Throughout this blog, we'll delve into each recommended stock, discussing key reasons why they stand out and how they align with potential market trends. Whether you're interested in growth opportunities, dividend income, or diversification, our list offers a variety of options to suit your investment preferences.

List of Best Stocks to buy April 24

Sr. No Company Name BSE Scrip Code NSE Symbol CMP Ratings
1 Hitachi Energy India Ltd. 543187 POWERINDIA ₹ 7,775.65 0.5
2 Graphite India 509488 GRAPHITE ₹ 668.00 4.5
3 Wonderla Holidays 538268 WONDERLA ₹ 1,070.05 4.5
4 CAMS Ltd 543232 CAMS ₹ 3,071.95 4.5

Detailed Overview of Best Stocks to buy April 24

Hitachi Energy India Ltd.

Hitachi Energy India Limited (formerly known as ABB Power Products and Systems India Limited) serves utility and industry customers, with a complete range of engineering, products, solutions, and services in areas of Power technology. The company has an extensive installed base for manufacturing and a countrywide marketing and service presence. Besides catering to the Indian domestic market, the Company is also playing an increasing role in the global market.

The company has been able to deliver an ROE and ROCE of 8 percent and 13 percent respectively. The shares of the company are witnessing a surge in its delivery volume.

One can buy the stock at .. with a stop loss of 5,680.

Graphite India

Graphite India is the largest Indian producer of graphite electrodes and one of the largest globally by total capacity. Its manufacturing capacity of 98,000 tonnes per annum is spread over three plants at Durgapur and Nashik in India and Nurnberg in Germany. The Company also manufactures Calcined Petroleum Coke (“CPC”) for use in electrode manufacturing. It is enhancing its presence in value added graphite products for the auto, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and machine tool industries. In addition, the company manufactures glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes and high-speed steel and alloy steel. The company's graphite and carbon segment continue to be the main source of revenue and profit, accounting for 85-90% of the total revenues.

The shares of Graphite India Limited had surged more than 10% percent which was further supported by a 10x spike in volumes compared to their 5-day average volumes. The stock is also in momentum in the last one year when compared to the Nifty 500.

We recommend buying the stock at the current market price of .. with a stop-loss of Rs. 494.60.

Wonderla Holidays

Wonderla Holidays Limited operates three largest amusement parks in Kochi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad; and the Wonderla resort in Bangalore under the brand name Wonderla. Wonderla Kochi is the first park in India to get an ISO14001 certificate for eco-friendliness and an OHSAS 18001 certificate for safety. The company is foraying into an asset-light model with the development of its fourth park in Odisha. Wonderla’s strategy to build future growth includes expansion through the construction of new parks, leveraging digital and marketing expertise, a makeover of existing parks, and enhancing in-house designing capabilities.

The company has delivered an ROE and ROCE of 16 percent and 22 percent respectively. The shares of the company are witnessing a surge in its delivery volume.

One can buy the stock at ..   with a stop loss of 890.


CAMS is a mutual funds transfer agency. It provides investor services, distributor services, and asset management companies (AMC) services. It continues to be the market leader in the alternative services space catering to 180+ fund houses. (400+ schemes across investor servicing and fund accounting services)

Apart from the new-age services, its core business offerings involve other technology-based services such as dividend processing, transaction origination interface, intermediary empanelment, report generation, investor interface, settlement and reconciliation, compliance-related services, and brokerage computation.

The company’s Debt-equity ratio stands at just 0.1 with a Price-to-earnings ratio of 45.9 which is marginally higher than its 5-year median PE of 43.5. The company’s ROCE and ROE stands at 48.5% and 39.7% respectively.

One can buy this stock at Rs. .. levels with a stop loss of Rs. 2,620.


Investing in stocks can bring exciting opportunities for growth and profits, especially as we navigate through April 2024. The top stocks we've selected offer promising chances for success. From tech giants driving innovation to sustainable energy companies leading the way towards a greener future, and healthcare firms pushing boundaries in medical science, there's something for every investor. But remember, it's crucial to do your research, set your financial goals, and understand your risk tolerance before diving in. With the help of Samco Trading App, investors can stay informed and strategic, positioning themselves for success in the ever-changing stock market landscape.

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