What to Read in Annual Report of a Company

What is an Annual Report? Annual Report is an important document which is published by a company at the end of every financial year. This report contains an overview of the company’s performance, plans, financials and a lot more which we will cover in the later part of this article […]

What is Intraday Brokerage?

What is Intraday Trading? Intraday Trading is a trading style that involves initiating & squaring off of all positions before the end of the trading day. Day Traders as they are commonly called, end the day with no positions. For information on delivery brokerage, refer the SAMCO knowledge center. Intraday Brokerage Meaning […]

What are Call and Trade Charges?

Initially, in the previous year’s customers were inclined towards making calls to their brokers and making purchases of their securities and contracts. During that period the brokerage charges were relatively high as compared to the current scenario. Due to high brokerage charges earlier brokers could maintain a large number of […]

29 Different Types of Mutual Funds in India

Day by day Mutual Fund Investment and Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) are becoming popular in India. So it becomes necessary for retail investors and new investors to understand the types of mutual fund schemes running in India. Through this article you will get to know: Classification of Mutual Funds Different […]

What is Commodities Transaction Tax (CTT)?

Meaning of CTT or Commodity Transaction Tax The CTT Tax or Commodities Transaction Tax is levied on Trades made on Commodities Exchanges akin to Securities Transaction Tax – STT on Equity Trades. It is a tax payable to the Central government by commodity traders and therefore classified as a regulatory […]

About Samco Margin Policies and Limits

Margin Limits and Policies are a very critical point for consideration for every Trader and Investor in the markets. We at Samco in this post have tried to detail the margin policies that shall be available under different product categories. We have tried to be transparent and upfront in our risk management approach […]