NSE Technical Glitch: How did we Deal With it?

To begin with, we at SAMCO would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and pain caused to you by today’s technical glitch at NSE. It was an unfortunate day and NSE’s lack of communication made life tougher for everyone in the market. Sequence of Events 10:00 am: NSE feed […]

About Samco Margin Policies and Limits

Margin Limits and Policies are a very critical point for consideration for every Trader and Investor in the markets. We at Samco in this post have tried to detail the margin policies that shall be available under different product categories. We have tried to be transparent and upfront in our risk management approach […]

What is a Spread Order?

A Spread Order is a combo order used for rolling over future positions from one expiry to another in the stock markets. Suppose somebody has a buy open position in Nifty futures contract expiring on the last Thursday of the month. On or before the expiry date, if he wishes to carry […]

What is Family Admin Feature in Samco Star Back Office?

We frequently come across families that trade & invest together in sync with each other. A common inconvenience they faced is tracking multiple portfolios with the same scripts bought at different times, different prices & through different accounts. Tracking your portfolio becomes a lengthy process, and at SAMCO we hate […]

What is Options Fair Value Calculator?

Why is Options trading difficult? Most traders believe there are unlimited gains in options trading while losses are limited. But many traders lose money not being able to understand how options work. Bewildered by greed, traders keep buying options with the approach that they are similar to investments and keep […]

About Online Commodity Trading in India

Online commodity trading in India is rapidly gaining ground. Commodity speculation is even older than stocks. Cotton has the longest trading history having records as old as a few centuries. Earlier commodity trading was scattered and unorganized but has now become organized and regulated. In September 2015 SEBI had taken over the responsibility […]

Principles of Trading & Investing

In our interactions with individuals from different geographies and demographics – one common question that has often emerged is – How should one really trade or invest in the stock markets to succeed? What principles or rules should be followed? One of the biggest markets to make money is the capital market. […]