Best High EPS Stocks 2022

Generally there are many variables on which any stock can be evaluated to know whether the stock should be purchased or not, for longer term investment.One such parameter is EPS; Many investors look out for EPS of a stock to assess its earning potential. The higher the EPS is, the […]

Online Shares Trading

Almost all of equity and derivatives trading today takes place in online marketplaces. This was not always the case. The advent of online trading has resulted in a democratised participation in the stock market in India. This article is divided into 6 major sections highlighted below and explores the rise […]

Shares Below Rs 1 at NSE & BSE

We present you the list of stocks below Rs 1 which are traded on NSE and BSE. The list will give information on PE Ratio, EPS, Shares Issued, Last traded price and other relevant information. It is advised that avoid investing in stocks which are below Rs 1 as those […]

NSE Listed Stocks Below Rs 50

Explore the list of Stocks listed on NSE having price either Rs 50 or below Rs 50. You will find EPS,PE Ratio, Stock Issued, Market Capitalization and other relevant information. List of NSE Listed Stocks Trading below Rs 50 (Last Updated on 09/01/2018) SYMBOL NAME OF COMPANY FACE VALUE Price […]

119 Blue Chip Companies in India

There are literally thousands of companies listed on exchanges in India but there are few companies which are stable when it comes to finances and other financial aspects. Usually long term investors look out for stable companies so that their investments doesn’t become sour. Companies which can satiate such investors […]

Nifty 50 companies

Nifty 50 is the index reflecting the Indian equity market in general. There are 50 different companies from 12 different sectors capturing the overall sentiment of the Indian markets. The index is composed of large cap companies following the Free Float Market Capitalization methodology. The following list will highlight Nifty […]

List of Penny Stocks in BSE India

Penny Stocks in BSE We have conducted a fundamental analysis of over 1000+ stocks listed in India and characterised them as fundamentally strong stocks (Ratings AAA – B) and penny stocks. Before investors pick stocks for their portfolio, they must go through the fundamental stock rating that has been assigned […]

List of All Stock Exchanges in India 2022

Indian stock market is among the oldest and the most robust markets in Asia. It houses Asia’s first stock exchange. Over the years this market has successfully transitioned from offline spot trading to online trading. Currently there are 14 exchanges approved by SEBI in India. This article, divided into 4 […]