How Interest Rates Affects Forex Trading?

The relationship between interest rates and foreign exchange rates is very difficult yet crucial for successful forex trading.  To make money in forex trading, traders need to understand how interest rates affect forex trading and how they can build strategies to reduce the effects of interest rates on foreign exchange […]

What is Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX)?

Indian Commodity Exchange Limited or ICEX is a SEBI regulated online Commodity Derivative Exchange, headquartered at Mumbai.  ICEX provides a nationwide trading platform through its appointed brokers for commodity trading in India.  ICEX launched the world’s first-ever Diamond derivatives contract of 1 carat in August 2018. Overview of Indian Commodity […]

Types of Brokers, Dealers and Exchanges in India

Investors who are new to the stock market often come across terms like – Dealers, Brokers, Exchanges, etc. There are various types of dealers, types of brokers and types of exchanges that new investors are not aware of. Most beginners do not understand the difference between ‘Dealers in the stock […]

Gold : A Commodity and a Precious Investment

Gold is a very big part of our lives. From buying gold at birth, weddings, or even as a graduation gift, gold is truly the ‘shining metal’.  Since ages, gold has maintained its value and is the perfect way of passing wealth from one generation to another. While retail investors […]