Stock Market Trading Holidays 2021

Is the stock market open today? Let’s find it out. In this article: 1. Trading holidays for equity in 2021 (NSE and BSE) 2. Trading holidays for commodities in 2021 (MCX and NCDEX) 3. Trading holidays for currency derivatives in 2021 (NSE, BSE and MSEI) Trading Holidays for Equity Market […]

Detailed Guide on ASBA IPO Application

Did you ever invest in an initial public offer (IPO) in the 1990s? If yes, then you are aware of the hassles investors had to face while applying for an upcoming IPO A key improvement in the IPO process was the introduction of Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA). Wondering […]

A Detailed Guide on Grey Market IPO

You must have seen fluctuating prices denoted in red and green on your trading terminal. But what if I tell you the colour grey also holds a huge significance in the stock markets. It is associated with Initial Public Offers (IPO). Specifically, Grey Market IPO. Let’s understand what is grey […]