Top Railway stocks of India in 2023

There are very few railway stocks listed in India. But still, the demand for railway stocks never seem to subside. No matter what happens in the stock markets, retail investors are always looking for the best railway stocks to buy in India. Let’s take the most recent example of Indian […]

A Detailed Guide on Grey Market IPO

You must have seen fluctuating prices denoted in red and green on your trading terminal. But what if I tell you the colour grey also holds a huge significance in the stock markets. It is associated with Initial Public Offers (IPO). Specifically, Grey Market IPO. Let’s understand what is grey market IPO, how it works […]

List of 52-Week High Stocks

Whenever a particular stock is at its 52-week high we are often in two states of mind – should I buy more of that share or should I sell it? In such a situation, if you ask someone who is a die-hard fan of fundamental analysis, they would say that […]