Transferring Funds in and out of your SAMCO Trading Account

Transfer Funds with Samco

Fund Transfers to SAMCO (DEPOSITS)

There are 3 ways clients can transfer funds to their SAMCO Trading Account

Instant Fund Transfers via Payment Gateway

Fund Transfers via NEFT and RTGS

Deposits via Cheques

You can visit our Knowledge Center for Step by step information on how to transfer funds.

Here’s a comparison of how these 3 modes operate

Particulars Via Payment Gateway Via NEFT/RTGS Via Cheques
Time Taken Instant 3-4 hours 3-4 days
Cost Rs. 6 per transaction* FREE** FREE**
Submission of Transfer Details & Acknowledgment Not Required Required Required

Instant Fund Transfers via Payment Gateway

This is the easiest and fastest way to transfer funds to your SAMCO Trading account.

A total of 26 banks are available for Instant Fund Transfers.

Time Taken – Instant on successful transaction from your Bank account Cost – Rs. 6 per transaction.

*Please note that these are charged by our Payment Gateway partners – ATOM / Razorpay.

Fund Transfers via NEFT and RTGS

You may also transfer funds Via NEFT or RTGS, All you need to simply do is add SAMCO Securities / SAMCO Commodities as your beneficiary in your Net banking funds Transfer option. Once the beneficiary is added you may transfer funds to your trading account by logging in to your net banking.

SAMCO has simplified the process of transferring funds via RTGS and NEFT to your trading account by introduction of a virtual personalised bank account number for transferring funds.

As brokers, we are not permitted to accept funds from any third party account other than your registered bank account. In case, we receive any third party payment, the same shall be auto-rejected instantly.

Enter your CLIENT CODE to get your Bank Details

Depositing Funds to your account by way of Cheques

For Equities, F&O and Currencies

Cheques to be drawn in favour of “Samco Securities Limited”

  • Time – 3 – 4 working days depending on your bank
  • Cost – Free

For Commodities

Cheques to be drawn in favour of “Samco Commodities Limited”

  • Time – 3 – 4 working days depending on your bank
  • Cost – Free

Please send your cheques to our Office.

Fund Transfers from SAMCO (WITHDRAWALS)

To withdraw funds from your account, place an electronic request from SAMCO STAR to transfer money to your primary bank account.

Check step by step process for withdrawing funds from your SAMCO Trading account.

Withdrawals, once processed take upto 24 hours to be credited to your bank account.

How much and when can you withdraw your funds?

You can withdraw only clear balances after settlement of all dues. For full information, Click Here.

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