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Recurring deposits (RDs) are investment products offered by banks and financial institutions. As the name suggests, you can deposit a fixed sum regularly into an RD account over a specified or fixed tenure. The deposits are made periodically, typically every month. Throughout the investment period, you earn interest at a predetermined rate on the balance in your RD account. At the end of the investment tenure, you can withdraw the maturity amount — which includes your deposits and the interest earned.

What is an RD Calculator?

An RD calculator is an online tool that computes the returns or interest earned on a recurring deposit as well as the RD’s maturity value. By submitting details such as the monthly deposit amount, the interest rate and the tenure of the deposit, you can easily estimate these figures using an RD calculator.

To make financial planning easier for you, Samco Securities has introduced a user-friendly online RD calculator that’s available to all — at no additional charges.

Calculating the Maturity Value of an RD

The maturity value of a recurring deposit depends on four key parameters, namely:

  • The amount deposited in each instalment
  • The rate of interest
  • The frequency of interest compounding
  • The investment tenure

The maturity value of a recurring deposit depends on four key parameters, namely:

When you put these parameters together, you get the formula shown below to compute the maturity value of a recurring deposit.

A = P x (1 + R/N)Nxt

Here, the variables represent the following:

  • A is the maturity amount
  • P is the amount deposited in the RD account each month
  • R is the annual rate of interest on the recurring deposit
  • N is the number of times the interest is compounding each year (this is generally 4 times or quarterly in the case of RDs in India)
  • t is the investment tenure in years

Why Use an RD Calculator?

Using the formula explained above to manually compute the interest you’ll earn on your recurring deposit and the maturity amount from the RD can be time-consuming. It is also prone to human error, and a minor miscalculation that goes unnoticed could have a major effect on your financial plan. Furthermore, comparing different RD options by making multiple calculations can be tedious.

Here’s where Samco’s RD calculator is a necessity and a game-changer. It eliminates the issues that accompany manual computation and simplifies the task of calculating the RD interest and maturity amount. Additionally, it also takes the guesswork out of your investment planning and ensures you have a clear understanding of your potential returns without the hassle of complex mathematics.

A Simple 3-Step Guide to Using Samco’s RD Calculator Online

To use the online RD calculator from Samco, you only need to follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Enter the monthly amount you wish to invest in your RD.

Step 2: Input the rate of interest per annum offered on the RD account.

Step 3: Enter the period of investment in years.

That’s all! Samco’s RD calculator will then show you the total invested amount, the interest earned thereon and the RD maturity amount within a matter of seconds.

5 Ways in Which Samco’s RD Calculator Can Help You

Using Samco’s RD calculator gives you the following benefits.

1. You Get to Know the RD Maturity Amount:
By entering details like the monthly deposit amount, interest rate and tenure, you can get a clear picture of how much you will accumulate at the end of the deposit period. This precise calculation makes it possible to set realistic savings goals.

2. You Get Insights About the RD Interest:
Samco’s RD calculator also breaks down the maturity amount into your principal contribution and the interest earned. This distinction is crucial for effective financial planning, particularly if you want to weigh the returns against other investment options.

3. You Can Compare RD Options:
By adjusting variables like the deposit amount, tenure and interest rates, you can see the final maturity amount changes. This feature in the RD calculator is particularly useful for comparing RD offerings from different banks or finding the optimal deposit and tenure.

4. It Makes Budget Planning Easier:
The RD calculator helps with budget planning too because it provides a clear picture of your future financial commitments towards the RD. Knowing the exact amount you need to set aside each month helps in managing your monthly budget more effectively.

5. You Understand the Tax Implications:
The RD calculator also helps you understand the potential tax implications of your investment. Interest on RDs is taxable at the slab rate applicable to you, so knowing the interest amount can help you estimate your tax liability.

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