How to add funds to your StockBasket account

Adding funds to StockBasket account is a very simple process all you need to follow are these simple steps:

Step 1: Login to your StockBasket Account.

Step 2: Click on Add Funds button, you will be redirected to the Pay In page, select the segment (ex. CASH/FO/CUR), your preferred bank name, enter the account number, select the transfer type (either NetBanking or UPI) and enter the amount you want to add.

Step 3: Click on submit, an OTP will be sent on your mobile, enter the OTP and submit and your job is done 

In case you have started a StockBasket SIP you must always go for an auto-debit mandate or you need to keep sufficient funds in your account for smooth transactions.

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  1. varun anand

    I have added 1000, and yet not able to use. it. No point of using samco – I will close this account soon.

    1. Team Samco

      Hi Varun, you can always use your funds to trade, please mention your client details here or mail us at we will get this checked for you.

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