FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions on IntraPlus

This is a compilation of the frequently asked questions on the IntraPlus – ZERO BALANCE Trading Account.

SAMCO IntraPlus is a Zero Balance Trading Account from SAMCO to facilitate intraday trading by extending trading margins against shares. Traders can initiate Intraday trades by getting trading margins against their share holdings even if they have zero cash balance available in their trading account. SAMCO IntraPlus facilitates intraday trading with margins against shares in the truest form.
All SAMCO clients can subscribe to this facility from SAMCO STAR after agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the product.

IntraPlus will enable you to leverage the power of your stock holdings by providing margins against shares enabling you to take intraday trades with the margins provided. With this facility, you can take intraday positions even if you do not have sufficient cash balance. Say you have Rs.4,000 as cash in your trading account & Rs.5,00,000 as holdings with SAMCO but wish to trade in NIFTY Futures. With IntraPlus, you can pledge your holdings & take positions in NIFTY Futures with the margins from the pledged holdings.

Not every client has cash available in their accounts and more often than not, cash is often invested in shares. In such cases, clients are unable to initiate any other trades. With IntraPlus, our endeavour is to enable clients to initiate intraday trades even if there is no cash available in their accounts.

You are required to pay annual subscription fees of Rs. 1000 + GST in order to sign up for the IntraPlus facility. This payment can be made from the SAMCO STAR.

You will be charged Rs.60 plus GST for each scrip that you pledge or unpledge.

There is a charge of 0.05% levied per day on the outstanding ledger debit on your account. In case of nil or credit balance, no charges will be applied.

SAMCO will extend margins ranging from 90% to 25% on the value of your holdings including Stocks & ETF’s. Your holdings shall be subject to deduction of haircut. For details, refer to the IntraPlus Margin Calculator. You can pledge over 800 stocks as collateral with SAMCO and get trading limits.
Haircut is the amount by which the value of your stock is deducted for the purposes of calculating the exact value of collateral holdings/limits. It is often quoted in percentage terms. So for instance if the Value of holdings is Rs. 1,00,000 and the haircut percentage applicable is 10%, then the value of the collateral/margins available for trading purposes shall be Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 10,000 (10% of Rs. 1,00,000) = Rs. 90,000 (Holdings Value post haircut).
With IntraPlus, you can trade in the NSE EQ, FO & CDS segments & on the BSE EQ segments in the MIS product type which is the Intraday product while trading with SAMCO.
You must use the MIS product type to trade with IntraPlus. Currently you cannot use the margin against shares for BO and CO products however it is our endeavour to introduce these in the future versions of the product.

Orders will be rejected in any of the below mentioned conditions:

1. In case of margin shortfalls. For instance you want to trade 1 Lot of XYZ & MIS margin requirements are Rs.25,000, but you have a cash margin of Rs.4,000 & IntraPlus margin availed by you is Rs.20,000, with the total available margin at Rs.24,000. In this case the orders will be rejected.

2. In case the Scrip is not available under the MIS product type. For instance you want to trade in ABC Ltd, but Intraday Leverage is not available for the same. In that case orders will be rejected. You can view the full list on the Equity Leverage Calculator.

Yes, you can convert your Intraday orders (MIS) to Carry Forward positions (NRML) for Equity positions to avail the CashPlus facility or carry forward derivative trades (NSE FO & CDS) from the position window. Similarly, you can also convert your MIS Equity trades to Delivery trades (CNC). All these actions can be performed from the Position Conversion window, provided the client has sufficient margins.
Clients shall be communicated of any margin shortfalls via SMS or E-Mails. Clients should meet the margin calls immediately to avoid-square off of any open positions and collateral.
In case you are unable to meet margin shortfalls on time, your open positions and/or collateral will be squared-off & accounts shall be settled accordingly.
Margins are provided against 801 stocks & ETF’s. You can view the full list here.
The brokerage continues to remain the same Rs.20 per executed order or 0.02% (intraday Equity & futures, currency futures) or 0.2% (delivery equity), whichever is lower. Call-N-Trade charges will apply as applicable.
No, IntraPlus margins can be availed only against free & unencumbered holdings. Note that margins will not be available against CashPlus holdings even if the client has a ledger credit.
You can view the IntraPlus margins available to you in the RMS Limits under Collateral Value.
NO! With SAMCO IntraPlus, you can sell your pledged holdings in real time without any restrictions. Most brokers require a client to unpledge their holdings and thereafter stocks are available for sale only the next day. However, that is not the case with SAMCO Intraplus where you can sell your shares even if you’ve not unpledged them. In case you’ve sold pledged stocks, the same shall be auto-unpledged on T+1.
Yes, with IntraPlus, you can take short positions in the approved list for the Cash segment of BSE & Cash & derivative segments of NSE.
You can place pledge and unpledge requests from the SAMCO STAR throughout the day except the block window from 4 pm to 7 pm. No requests shall be taken from 4 pm to 7 pm. All requests received till 4 PM shall be processed on the same day and the limits against the same shall be available on the next trading day. All requests entered after 7 PM shall be processed on the following day and the limits shall be available the day after. To place pledge and unpledge requests, go to SAMCO STAR -> Holdings -> Pledge/Unpledge.
You shall not be able to place unpledge requests in case your ledger balance is debit or in case of sale of pledged shares (this is to avoid double unpledging). Also, In case the security is not available is list of eligible securities, you shall not be able to place a pledge request.

In case of any further queries, please raise a ticket on the Support Helpdesk in the Technical Department section.

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