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Normal Trade Book vs. Samco Trade Spreadsheet

Every financial trading app has a trade book, which is a section dedicated to providing you with trade details for a specific period. Since the trade book contains the details of all your buy and sell trades in chronological order, it is often considered an important source of information for traders.However, apart from providing you with the details of your trades, the trade book offers no additional information. Here’s where the Samco trading app’s Trade Spreadsheet gives you a unique edge.

What is the Trade Spreadsheet?

Trade Spreadsheet

The Trade Spreadsheet is a unique feature available under the ‘My Trade Story’ section of the Samco trading app. It is designed to give you detailed statistics and unseen insights (#AndekhaSach) into your trading pattern and performance. With the Trade Spreadsheet, you get in-depth trade-level insights, P&L analytics, and performance-level insights for every single trade you enter into.

Comparison between a regular trade book vs Samco’s Trade Spreadsheet 

The Trade Spreadsheet is a highly advanced tool that provides additional statistics and unseen insights compared to a regular trade book. Here’s a table comparing the metrics offered by Samco’s Trade Spreadsheet and a normal trade book.

Particulars Samco’s Trade Spreadsheet Regular trade book 
Chronological trade details Available Available
Realised and unrealised profits and losses Available Available
Segment-wise grouping of trades Available Available
Underlying-wise grouping of trades Available Not available
Contract-wise sorting of trades Available Not available
Trade level performance metrics Available Not available
Trade level categorisation Available Not available
Market trend insights Available Not available
Trade-wise key technical indicators Available Not available
Maximum potential profits for each trade Available Not available
Maximum potential losses for each trade Available Not available

As you can see, a regular trade book only provides highlights to three major things, whereas the Trade Spreadsheet is a lot more detailed and offers a plethora of metrics and trade insights.

Other differences between a regular trade book and Samco’s Trade Spreadsheet 

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are a few other points of difference between a normal trade book and the Trade Spreadsheet. Here’s a closer look at the key dissimilarities.

  • Round trade views

Regular trade books provide details of buy and sell trades separately. Furthermore, you cannot sort the trades according to a particular security.The Trade Spreadsheet, however, maps each buy trade with its corresponding sell trade. This way, you get a round-trade view for every security in chronological order. Round trade views make it easy to track and understand your trading pattern and identify areas that need improvement.

  • Customisability

A regular trade book offers very little flexibility. Trade Spreadsheet from Samco, on the other hand, is highly flexible and customizable. You can quickly hide or display certain data columns based on your preference, filter the metrics, and choose the date range for which you need information.

  • Downloadable information  

Most trading apps don’t allow you to download the information contained in your trade book. Meanwhile, the Trade Spreadsheet lets you freely download all trade level and performance level insights and metrics in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. You can import the downloaded file onto your preferred spreadsheet application to analyze the information more thoroughly.


As you can see, there are several differences between a trade book and the Trade Spreadsheet feature in the Samco trading app. The Trade Spreadsheet is not only more advanced but also offers a lot more information and #AndekhaSach (unseen insights) into how you trade. Using these insights, you can discover profitable trading patterns and improve your trading performance.

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