Enhancing Trading Performance by Emphasizing What Works

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Enhancing Trading Performance

The Indian financial markets are home to millions of retail traders. The futures and options segment, in particular, has become an epicenter for dynamic retail trading activity. Yet, despite the buzz, not all traders are successful. Earlier this year, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) uncovered a startling detail — around 90% of traders in the F&O segment face losses averaging around Rs. 1.25 lakhs!

If most traders rarely earn returns in the market, what defines success in trading? While the immediate response might gravitate towards profits, there’s more to the story. To unravel the deeper layers of trading success, let’s delve into a scenario that offers a broader perspective.

Behind the Scenes: The Ground Reality for Most Traders 

For most retail participants, trading is a journey filled with ups and downs, where success and setbacks go hand in hand. When you pull back the curtain and step into the shoes of the average trader to understand the realities and challenges faced in the pursuit of market success, here’s what the truth looks like.

Say you’re an active trader in the Futures and Options (F&O) market, always on the lookout for the next big trend. Initially, your strategy of following market cues leads to some quick gains. It’s exhilarating, and you feel confident in your approach.

However, as the markets continue to fluctuate, you start noticing a change. Your trades that were once profitable are now yielding fewer returns, and the losses are slowly creeping up. Despite this, you persist with your strategy, relying on market buzz and gut reactions and believing that the tide will turn in your favor once again.

But then comes a string of trades that don’t just dip into losses; they plunge rapidly into the red zone. This isn’t just a bad day or a market anomaly; it’s a clear indicator that your trading approach isn’t working as well as it used to. As you review these failed trades, you realize the harsh truth — had you taken the time to analyze your past trades and to really dissect what worked and what didn’t, you might have spotted the warning signs and shifted your strategies accordingly.

This realization hits hard. By not learning from your own trading history, you missed out on adapting your approach to the ever-changing market dynamics, leading to this unfortunate streak of losses.

Redefining Trading Success with Post-Trade Analysis

The scenario outlined above — which is common to most traders — tells us that successful trading performance goes beyond mere profit tallying. It is better defined by your ability to adapt and learn from past experiences. One of the key strategies to instantly improve your performance is to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not. 

But how do you identify these strengths and weaknesses? Here’s where post-trade analysis emerges as the game changer. By meticulously reviewing each trade after it’s closed, you gain insights into what strategies yielded profits and which ones led to losses. While this sounds simple, for many traders, conducting such detailed analysis is a challenge due to the lack of proper tools and resources. 

This is where Samco’s ‘My Trade Story’ can help. This innovative feature provides you with easy-to-understand analytics and insights and makes it easier to identify successful strategies, instruments and patterns. It also flags the strategies that are less effective, so you can take corrective measures where needed. 

5 Ways in Which Samco’s ‘My Trade Story’ Optimizes Your Trading Performance

The ‘My Trade Story’ feature in the new-gen Samco trading app is a pioneering solution that analyzes all your past traders to reveal insights that were previously hidden or harder to find. Aptly named Andekha Sach , these insights can significantly improve your trading success. 

Let’s further examine how Samco’s ‘My Trade Story’ feature makes it possible to enhance your trading performance by emphasizing what works best for you. 

  • Strategy Bifurcation:

The key to learning from your past trading strategies is to figure out which of those techniques and which ones did not. ‘My Trade Story’ makes this kind of strategy bifurcation easy. It allows you to dissect your trading history thoroughly into two categories: 

  • Strategies have been consistently profitable, and 
  • Strategies that have consistently resulted in loss-making trades 

For instance, you might discover that multi-leg options strategies have consistently worked well for you, or identify a recurring issue with certain speculative bets in futures. By providing these insights, ‘My Trade Story’ helps you refine your successful strategies and rethink the ones that are not yielding desired results, thereby improving your overall trading performance.

  • Instrument Performance Analysis:

With Samco’s ‘My Trade Story,’ you can also identify which instruments and market segments have been more profitable for you in the past. With these insights, you can evaluate the performance of different financial instruments such as stocks, options, futures, or commodities. You can even pinpoint which ones have been your power players over time. 

For instance, you may discover that your foray into the commodities market has been particularly lucrative, or that your options trades have outperformed your stock investments. This analysis helps you understand where your strengths lie, so you can allocate your resources more effectively and focus on instruments that have consistently delivered positive results for your portfolio.

  • Expectancy via Insights from the Samco Trade Score 

Expectancy is another crucial metric that reflects the average outcome of your trades. It essentially tells you what you can expect to gain or lose on average with your current trading approach. Samco’s Trade Score quantifies this metric for you based on the overall outcomes of all your past trades. 

Here’s how you can interpret the Samco Trade Score: 

  • Trade Score < 1: This indicates poor trading performance. It also means that you can expect to face more losses than profits if you continue using your current strategies. 
  • Trade Score from 1 to 3: This indicates average to good trading performance. Some of your strategies may be working well, while others may need refinement. With the insights from ‘My Trade Story,’ you can identify the areas that need to be improved. 
  • Trade Score > 3: This is indicative of very good trading performance. Most of your trading strategies and choice of instruments are on the mark. It may be a good idea to continue with what you’re currently doing.
  • Actionable Insights:

The ‘My Trade Story’ feature also elevates your trading experience by providing practical suggestions alongside hidden insights. This feature is designed to transform data into actionable strategies, so your decision-making process is more effective. 

For instance, if you find that your success rate with long call options is consistently low, but significantly higher with long futures, 'My Trade Story' may suggest reallocating your focus and resources to the latter. It may nudge you to consider reducing or even closing your long call options positions, and instead, invest more in long futures trades where your probability of success is greater. 

These tailored recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of your trading history. As a result, every suggestion is aligned with your unique trading pattern and goals. Such hyper-personalized advice empowers you to make more informed and strategic decisions, thereby optimizing your trading performance and improving the possibility of successful trades. 

  • Ease of Execution:

Samco’s unique ‘My Trade Story’ feature also stands out for its user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to implement the actionable insights you receive. You can easily adjust your trading strategies and asset allocations based on the data and recommendations provided. By leveraging such insights, you can also focus on improving their performance by prioritizing what works and eliminating what doesn't. 

This data-driven approach enhances the probability of success in the financial markets, leading to better trading and investment outcomes. For instance, say you discover through the ‘My Trade Story’ feature that your equity trades are yielding better returns than your commodity trades. The platform’s design enables you to quickly realign your focus, channeling more resources into equities. Its intuitive interface facilitates swift decision-making and allows you to implement these changes without hassle.

Choose Samco to Understand Your Trade Story and Become a Better Trader 

The essence of Samco’s ‘My Trade Story’ lies in its ability to transform complex data into actionable strategies. By utilizing this data-driven tool, you can better understand what your best trades are telling you and improve your chances of success in the financial markets. 

The journey to refine your trading strategies and enjoy more profitable trading and investment outcomes with ‘My Trade Story’ begins with choosing Samco. If you already have a demat and trading account, switching to Samco is easy. Become a part of Samco’s online trading community and leverage the best-in-class analytical tools — available right at your fingertips via the new-gen Samco trading app. 

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