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Trading Strategies - Video Playlist

The Right Choices with Oracles of Dalal Street focuses on curating actionable and insightful trading strategies from real-world stock market heroes. Our guests have been successful in stock market and are willing to share their insights with you.

Algo Trader Kaise Bane? | What is Algo Trading | Algorithmic Trading

BankNifty Intraday Trading Strategy By Vivek Gadodia

A Day Trader’s Journey from Rs 10,000 to Rs 4 crore | Intraday Trading for a Living

Price Volume Analysis with @Nooresh Merani | Positional Trading | Volume Analysis Trading

Explosive Trading Setups with @Nooresh Merani |Short Selling|Volume Trading|

Options Trading for Retail Investors | Options Trading for Beginners (हिंदी में )|Nifty Option Chain

How to Select Nifty/Bank Nifty Options for Trading? - with Shubham Agarwal (in हिंदी)

Make Money from Modified RSI Indicator | RSI indicator को use करने का दमदार तरीका

How to Plot Modified RSI Indicator | Traditional RSI vs Modified RSI Indicator

How to Time the Market? | Identify Pulse of the Market with Time (समय )

Master Your Entries and Exits with Time Cycle

Smart Straddle Strategy | Bank Nifty Options Selling

Backtesting Smart Straddle Strategy | Options Trading | Bank Nifty Options Selling Strategy

Tracking Commodity Markets to Make Profits in Equities | Commodity Trading for Beginners

Commodity Trading for Beginners | Factors That Affect Gold Silver | Technical Analysis 

Get Early Entries and Exits with Curved Trendline | Parabolic Trendline | Smart Trading Strategy

Top Down Approach to Technical Analysis | Importance of Price | Bond Market Analysis

Indian Market Outlook 2022 | Nifty | Bank Nifty | Nifty IT | Gold | Silver | Bitcoin | Etherium

Curved Trendlines Decoded LIVE | Intraday Trading & Price Patterns with Curved Trendlines

RSI Trading With Vishal Malkan | RSI Indicator | Relative Strength Index | RSI Range Shift

Grandfather-Father-Son Strategy | 5 Star Swing Trading Strategy With Vishal Malkan | RSI Trading

Simple Options Trading Strategy | Options Trading For Retail Investors

Nifty- Bank Nifty Weekly Options Strategy | Options Trading For Beginners

Investing through Stock Market Cycles | Stock Market Cycles for Beginners | Master Key to Investing

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