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सॅम्कोकडून अभिनव ‘स्मार्ट
एसआयपी’ सेवा...

मागील काही वर्षांत ‘एसआयपी’चा पर्याय
गुंतवणूकदारांत चांगलाच लोकप्रिय
झाला आहे....

Published On :Lok Satta

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सैमको की रैंक-एमएफ़ ने लॉन्च
किया स्मार्ट एसआईपी...

सैमको की रैंक-एमएफ़ ने लॉन्च किया
स्मार्ट एसआईपी...

Published On :univarta

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SAMCO’s RankMF launches SmartSIP...

A new and superior way of investing in mutual funds as compared to traditional SIPs...

Published On :Global Prime News

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Samco’s RankMF launches SmartSIP...

Samco claims the scheme automatically follows the rule of buying low and selling high instead of a
regular SIP...

Published On :Money Guru India

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A SIP that recommends investors to skip instalment or book profits...

Rank MF, a mutual fund distribution arm of Samco Securities has introduced a new SIP facility
‘smart SIP’ that recommends clients to shift their equity fund SIPs in liquid funds if market
valuations are high based on the margin of safety....

Published On :Cafe Mutual

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To boost returns, Rank MF launches Smart SIP, SIP Plus...

It lets investors park their money in liquid schemes when equity markets are expensive and route it
back when they turn cheap...

Published On :The Business Line

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