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SAMCO OptionPlus – Now Trade Options with Extra Margins!

SAMCO is one of the few discount brokers in India to facilitate trading on margin in the Options instrument with first of its kind, the OptionPlus product.

Get leverage up to 20X leverage for selling/writing option positions and 3X for buying option positions.

In simple terms, you can now trade in option positions with much lower margins than you currently need to pay.

Existing SAMCO Customers can subscribe to this product from the SAMCO STAR and then start utilizing margin for under the bracket order or cover order product types.

Now, enter buy or sell positions in the derivative segment by paying only a fraction of the amount required for the transaction.

Non-SAMCO customers are required to Open an Account first, and then can subscribe to the OptionPlus product.

Brokerage charges will continue to apply at a flat rate of Rs.20 only per order.

You can calculate the brokerage payable with our Brokerage Calculator.

In case you have any questions on OptionPlus, kindly refer to the FAQ's on OptionPlus.

Use the below OptionPlus Leverage calculator to compare the margin requirements for trading options with OptionPlus and without OptionPlus.

Disclaimer - Use of OptionPlus involves the use of financial leverage. Margin Trading carries a high degree of risk and it magnifies a trader/investor gains and losses. Trading on Margin can expose the client's capital to substantial risk and in certain cases, a client may sustain a total loss of capital. A client should be apprised of the risks of financial leverage and should consult their financial advisor to ensure that the use of the same is appropriate and in accordance with the client's risk appetite and financial position. Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk. Please read all risk related documents carefully before investing.

START using our State of the art trading platforms at Flat 20 per order