SAMCO STAR Video Tutorials !

This video tutorial explains how you can login to the SAMCO STAR - A proprietary back office system developed by SAMCO. You can login to your SAMCO STAR to view your trade details, place withdrawal requests and access a whole lot of intelligent market data.

Quick Overview Tutorial of the SAMCO STAR - Back Office system provided by SAMCO Securities Limited.

Video Tutorial on how to check your Indian Trading League Rankings from the SAMCO STAR - The Back Office System of SAMCO.

A Video Tutorial on SAMCO Stock Ratings - A Grade for Every Stock based on the quality of its business fundamentals.

A Video Tutorial on how to withdraw funds from your SAMCO Trading Account through the SAMCO Back Office - SAMCO STAR.

This is a video tutorial on the SAMCO Risk Adviser which is built to help Investors manage their Risk better. The SAMCO Risk Adviser is based on the principles of Legendary Investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and others. It is available for all SAMCO Customers - Free of Cost.

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