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online trading and investing platforms

Trade and invest seamlessly in stocks, currencies, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds & stocks baskets with your Samco account. Open a free trading and demat account today and get access to the best trading & investment platforms in India to kick start your wealth creation journey.

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Experience the most advanced, reliable online trading and investing platform
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Trade on one of the best stock market apps in India

StockNote- is powered by the Giga trading engine that helps you to identify opportunities, trends, and patterns
from across stock markets. It is designed to be
reliable & fast. Know more.→


Nest desktop trader
Ultra-reliable, designed for pro traders.

Nest Trader is our advanced and sophisticated desktop trading software designed for
speed, reliability, and stability.

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StockNote Trade APIs

Code your own trading strategies and ideas

Get free access to StockNote Rest APIs to deploy your own algo-based trading strategies, or build your very own trading platform. With free access to powerful StockNote APIs, real-world applications are endless.

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StockBasket Trade APIs

Invest in readymade baskets of stocks to create wealth.

StockBasket - is India’s first long term buy and hold investment platform. Invest in expert-selected baskets of stocks to create long term wealth. The perfect investment solution for beginners and veterans alike. Know more.→

Invest in readymade mini-portfolios for long term wealth creation
Invest in right & recommended mutual funds

Invest in right & recommended mutual funds

RankMF - A platform that delivers a one-stop solution for mutual fund research and investments. Get analysis, proprietary ratings, advisory, and invest with confidence in the best mutual funds in India. Know more.→


Get the complete overview
of your Samco Account

Star Samco - gives an extensive insight on executed trades, P&L statements, fund balance,
holdings, IPO recommendations, and a lot more.

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Can I get access to all these multiple platforms?
With SAMCO, you can trade with any platform you prefer. However you can login to only one platform at a time.
Are there any software charges that I need to pay for using these products?
No. You need not pay any software charges for using our trading platforms.
Are there any minimum turnover commitments to get access to these trading platforms?
No. There are no minimum turnover commitments to get access to these trading platforms. You can trade via your preferred platform irrespective of whether you make 1 trade or 10000 trades.

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