SAMCO’s mission is to simplify the complex world of trading and
investing in the stock markets.

SAMCO is one of India’s fastest growing discount brokers.


Trading and Investing in the stock markets can be a very intimidating experience which is why probably less than 1% of India actively trades or invests in the Indian capital markets. Traders and investors are victims of extremely high brokerage, inefficient application of capital due to non-standard margin requirements, complex stock market jargons, poor advisers and relationship managers and a lot more such issues which work as bottlenecks for creating incomes or wealth from the stock market.

Our mission at SAMCO is to solve these problems and at an extremely affordable cost for our customers. Today we provide some of the most unique margin products to enable our customers make the most efficient use of their capital. We are striving hard to ensure the problems that the trading and investing industry is plagued with are solved and low cost access to capital markets is available for every Indian.

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