Beware of Fraudulent Calls

It has come to our notice that many of our customers are receiving calls from unsolicited persons and companies posing to be Samco employees.
These persons or companies misrepresent themselves as Samco employees with malicious intent and ask customers to open a new account siting the reason that name of Samco Securities has changed. They also promise 2-3% returns monthly if you operate on their recommendations.
We would request our customers to not encourage or transact with such persons or companies. You can immediately report such activities to
We would like to bring to your notice that:

  • Samco executives will never ask to open an additional account on the pretext of stock tips, name change, etc.
  • Our company name has not changed.
  • We never promise guaranteed returns or give stock tips on WhatsApp or SMS.

As a precautionary measure, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Ignore and block unsolicited calls for investment advice/stock trading strategy/stocks Tips.
  • Beware of unsolicited SMS for tips and investment advice through SMS.

Important: Samco Securities does not share any client data whatsoever with any third parties / outside agency / Advisory firms. Our servers and systems are secured and fire-walled. Rest assured that your database is absolutely safe at our end and will never be shared.
If you are an existing Samco customer and if you get any unsolicited calls and SMS where people or companies ask to open a new account or share stock tips, please report the details via an email to

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