How to become a sub-broker in India with Samco Securities

What if we tell you that you can earn money from someone else’s trade? How would you like that?

Let’s have look into your day. You wake up, get fresh, rush through your breakfast, and run to board the 9 AM train to reach your office. You have a 10 AM meeting to attend.

Once the meeting ends, you work endlessly on various PPTs and other reports. The clock strikes 6:45 PM and you are about to leave for home. But somehow, your boss asks you to brief him/her about the ongoing project.

You desperately wish to be your own boss. Maybe quit the job and start your own venture.  No more reporting, no more meetings, no more rushing through breakfast.

We have all been there and hence we are here with a perfect opportunity for you – Partner with Samco Business! If you are intrigued by this, keep reading to learn how you can benefit by partnering with Samco.

The stock market has mediators who help in trading and investing in stocks. In the stock market’s language, these are brokers and sub-brokers. Sub-brokers are also called franchisees.

You have probably heard of a broker. But might be unaware as to what sub broking is and what do they do.

A Sub broker is a broker’s partner. Their job is to offer the services of the broker to their clients.

Let’s break this down.

In this article, we’ll touch upon the following points –

  • Who is a broker and a sub-broker?
  • How does a sub-broker earn money?
  • Who can become a sub-broker?
  • Why you must partner with Samco Securities to start a new income source?

Who is a broker?

Advancements in technology have enabled several processes to be fully digitized. This has created a vast number of opportunities for investors to make money in the industry.

A broker is a firm or an individual who is authorised to buy and sell stocks on behalf of a trader or investor.

They register themselves with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The broker offers this service in exchange for a fee. The fee the broker changes is known as the brokerage.

For example, Samco Securities charges flat Rs. 20 per transaction irrespective of order size.

Who is a sub-broker (franchisee)?

Sub brokers are just like insurance agents. They help the company reach a larger audience. Insurance agents sell insurance to you and also help you with your claims, premium payments, etc. A sub-broker is an agent of a broker. Their role is to mediate between the broker and the client. They introduce new potential clients to the broking company.

A stockbroker is a middle man between an investor and the stock exchange. Whereas, a sub-broker is a middle man between the stockbroker and the investor.

The main difference is that a broker is a large entity. Whereas, a sub-broker is a small part of that entity. They simply help the broker reach a larger audience.

How does a sub-broker earn money?

In return for each converted client, the sub-broker earns a percentage of profit-sharing from the broker.

In other words, they receive a cut from each transaction. The more the client transacts, the more a sub-broker earns. You can become this sub-broker and open up a treasure of passive income.

All you need to do is get your potential clients onboarded, and voila, you have a new source of income. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to earn a little more?

Who can become a sub-broker?

Anyone who wants to become their own boss.

Becoming a sub-broker is an amazing passive income opportunity. The best part is, you don’t have to give any interviews or wait for weeks and days for the final result. Nor do you need a shiny degree to prove your talents. Basically, you do not have to deal with rejections and disappointments!

You need to be above 18 years of age and obtain a certificate of registration from the broker. This is mandatory for you to enroll as a sub-broker.

It’s that simple!

How much does a sub-broker earn in India?

Every broker has a different partnering commission percentage. In general, a sub-broker earns on a percentage sharing basis in India. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sub broker introduces a client to the broker company.
  2. The client starts trading. The trader starts paying the brokerage fee to the broker.
  3. The fee is then split between the sub-broker and broker on a percentage basis.

For example, if you are a sub-broker with Samco Securities and got 50 new clients onboard. You earn, Rs. 16,000 month just to get them on board.

How did we calculate that? By using this calculator on Samco Business Partner’s page.

Why become Samco’s sub-broker?

Samco Securities is a reputed broking company present in more than 3,000 cities in India. We have a strong client base of more than 2,00,000 traders and investors.

By being a sub-broker of Samco Securities, you earn brokerage commission from your onboarded clients.

Along with attractive commissions, we offer more than just one financial service. This facilitates you to offer more financial services to your client. The more quality products you offer, the more are your chances to earn commissions.

By doing this, you increase your income four-fold and also create a brand-like image for yourself.

Product Subscription Commission

You can earn from Samco’s subscription products purchased by your clients. We offer various leverage products like CashPlus and StockPlus. Explore other trading and investment products like StockBasket, KyaTrade, RankMF, StockNote.

For example, you earn a commission every time your client subscribes to StockBasket. Get a portion of the subscription fee paid by your client on their StockBasket purchase.

Know more about StockBasket.

  • You get up to 50% commissions on the brokerage paid by clients per month.
  • 50% commission on StockPlus & CashPlus subscription products purchased by your onboarded clients.
  • 40% commission on the annual fee of the StockBaskets purchased by clients.

Open a partner’s account today! Bring your clients on board to access the best trading & investment platforms in India.

You don’t even have to worry about tracks and records. We provide you a user-friendly dashboard to track your earnings generated by clients.

To understand each product, we have written a number of articles explaining their features and advantages. Additionally, our customer support is always available to assist and solve your worries.

Extra benefits your clients get –

  • Dedicated customer support for all their queries
  • Lightning-fast trading app
  • Regular research reports for trading and investments
  • RankMF for mutual funds
  • StockBasket for long-term stock investment
  • Brokerage Rs. 20 per order

And many more for your registered client.

It is time to kick start your wealth creation journey. Partner with Samco Securities now, and enjoy unlimited possibilities!

You know what they say… if you can’t make money while you sleep, you will have to work until you die.

So, you better buckle up and start planning ways to improve your finances. The rule is – work today for yourself, increase your bank balance, and relax all the way – every day.

By being a sub-broker with Samco, you earn when others transact. You can work on it as your full-time career plan or start it as a part-time project.

Partner with Samco as a sub-broker without deposits!

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