Introducing the Samco Master Partner Program

Over the months, we received many requests from our partners for a hierarchical model of revenue sharing to be included in the Samco Partner Program. After months of brainstorming, we finally have an answer.
We are proud to present the next big thing in the brokerage industry…

Introducing the Samco Master Partner Program:

The Samco Master Partner Program empowers you, the existing partner of Samco, to refer and onboard new partners. As a Master Partner, you can earn up to 10% of the brokerage generated by your referred partners, for life!
This benefit is exclusive to all Samco Partners at no extra cost.
Besides this exclusive benefit, the Master Partner (i.e. you) also enjoy your regular sharing with Samco as per your chosen plans. Meaning, you can now boost your earnings by another 10% on each referred partner, on top of your chosen plans.
Example: Partner A (i.e., you) are the Master Partner as you refer Partner B and Partner C to join the Samco Partner Program, you will start earning 10% of the brokerage generated by Partners B and C, each, for life.
And if you are subscribed to the Bronze plan, which entitles 30% sharing on the brokerage earned from clients, you now start earning 10% of the brokerage generated by Partner B and another 10% of the brokerage generated by Partner C. All the while, Partners B and C enjoy their regular brokerage sharing from Samco as per their chosen plan, without taking a cut in their sharing.
Moreover, if you onboard 10 Partners, you get up to 100% of the brokerage generated (i.e 10% of the brokerage generated by each Partner).
More importantly, there is no restriction on the number of Partners you can refer and onboard.

Sharing mechanism for the Master Partner:

Referred PartnersBrokerage Generated by Referred Partners (per month)Sharing for Master Partner A from Referred Partners (10% of Brokerage Generated by Partners B & C)
Partner BRs. 1,00,000Rs. 10,000
Partner CRs. 1,50,000Rs. 15,000
 Your Monthly earningTotal Rs. 25,000

Become a Master Partner:

  • For existing Samco Partners:
    • Log in to the Partner dashboard with your credentials.
    • Click on the Master Franchise button on your dashboard.
    • Find your unique affiliate link on the Master Franchise Dashboard and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.
    • Encourage them to open a partner account using your unique affiliate link.
  • For non-existing Samco Partners:
    Since Samco Master Partner membership is exclusive to Samco Partners, you need to have a Partner account to access it. To get unrestricted access to the Master Partner Dashboard today, open a free Samco Partner account now → 

For more information on the Master Partner Program, email us at or call on 7738001895 or raise a ticket →

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