TradingView charts now live on StockNote app

On popular demand from our customers, we have updated our StockNote app with a new feature. Today, we are proud to introduce TradingView charts on StockNote. Now you can observe price movements and assign multiple indicators on ChartIQ and also on the TradingView charts. Here’s how you can switch to the TradingView […]

What is Samco NEST Trader and what are its features

Samco Trader is a desktop trading platform that can be used to place orders for buying/selling listed shares on the Indian exchanges of NSE, BSE, MCX. The desktop trading platform is normally used by professional traders and brokers to execute orders at high speed. In this article, we’ll cover some […]

Samco account updates and alerts now on WhatsApp

Now getting updates related to your Samco account is easier than ever; get updates and alerts instantly over WhatsApp chat.  If you are a Samco account holder, you’ll receive the following updates over WhatsApp chat by opting-in today. For Samco account holders: Transaction-related notifications. Important updates on your trading and […]

NSE Technical Glitch: How did we Deal With it?

To begin with, we at SAMCO would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and pain caused to you by today’s technical glitch at NSE. It was an unfortunate day and NSE’s lack of communication made life tougher for everyone in the market. Sequence of Events 10:00 am: NSE feed […]

The Art of Affiliate Marketing in Finance

How safe and secure is your job? Let’s face it, no job is ever safe. Especially during times like these where the pandemic seems to last forever. Building multiple sources of income has now become a necessity. Unfortunately, most people only rely on their salaries. This adds uncertainty and is […]

Part Time Job – Samco Partner Program

I am very happy with my salary and I don’t need to earn more – said no one, ever. Most of us spend our time thinking about a second source of income, isn’t it? The bottom line is that no matter what we earn, we would always like to earn […]

How to Set up Your SmartCom Profile to Build Your Brand?

Generally, IFAs have a strong offline presence but to fight the storm of direct mutual fund platforms and grow their business they need an ecosystem to build & maintain a strong online brand for themselves. Thus, presenting you with SmartCom – The Intelligent Marketing Assistant, this will not only help […]