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I am very happy with my salary and I don’t need to earn more – said no one, ever. Most of us spend our time thinking about a second source of income, isn’t it?

The bottom line is that no matter what we earn, we would always like to earn more. That is why many people hustle for another source of income like a part-time job.

But hunting for a well-paid part-time job is indeed difficult. I’m sure you must have read countless numbers of articles to find your ideal part-time job. But, alas… every time you open a webpage, you find nothing but more useless links and unrealistic data!

But this article isn’t like that.

Today, we are going to share something real, practical, and quite frankly amazing.  We are going to uncover the secret behind earning a full-time income by working part-time. 

That’s right!

You don’t need to work 40+ hours every week to earn a sustainable full-time income. You can simply sit back home with a cup of coffee and let the money roll into your bank account by just working part-time.

After all, life is all about making better choices. And this one decision can change your life. 

Are you ready?

The million-dollar money-making opportunity is Samco’s partner program

Wait. Hold your thoughts. You must be thinking that stock market is complex. ‘Do I have to read charts? Or analyse ratios? Or something on similar lines?’

Trust us, we won’t ask you to do this. 

Before we even tell you what this partner program is about, let us tell you a bit about Samco

We are a CNBC-Awaaz award-winning leading discount stock broker in India. We acquired Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited and re-branded it to Samco Securities in 2015. Today, we are one of the well-known discount brokers which provides cutting-edge platforms for trading and investment purposes. 

We have a strong client base of more than 2,00,000 traders and investors, and are actively present in more than 3,000 cities in pan India. 

So, you will be dealing with a well-reputed brand. 

Now let us tell you about how you can make money with Samco’s Partner Program

Firstly, no matter if you are pursuing higher education or are a working professional or a homemaker. You are eligible for our partner program. You just need to show your dedication and craftsmanship in the work to earn some extra income.

Our Partner Program will provide you a perennial revenue source. All you need to do is act as an intermediary and help traders and investors make the right choice by choosing Samco and our products

You get four sources of income.

  1. Brokerage Sharing: You get a share of brokerage from each trade your clients make.
  2. Product Subscription Commission: When your onboarded client purchase a Samco subscription product, you get a hefty commission. 
  3. StockBasket Commission: You earn commission when your client buys a StockBasket. It is a platform that helps clients choose from expert curated ready made basket of stocks as per their investment needs.
  4. Master Partner Programme: This unique feature helps you refer and onboard other partners and earn part time income. After all, sharing is caring.

Now you must be thinking. Okay, this is what I get. But the question is how much would I earn?

Like we had promised earlier… we will show you the way to earn a full-time income by working part time. 

Yes, you saw that right.

If you work part-time and onboard 400 clients a month, you can easily make Rs 1,28,000 per month. That’s a crazy amount of income you can earn working part-time. And we haven’t even considered income from value-added subscriptions. 

Can you imagine the amount of money rolling in your bank account? You can finally buy that dream luxury car.

Now, with any job, consistency is a must. So, if you stay consistent and keep adding 400 clients every month… Can you imagine how much your annual income would be?

It’s a whopping 20 lakhs!

Here is the proof.

You can calculate your income by clicking here

With such high part-time income, you can even go for a world tour! You can even turn this into a full time job or become an entrepreneur. After all, we Indians are the most enterprising people in the world. All you need to do is act as a helpful guide and help people choose and invest better. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go register and become the next proud partner by clicking here.

Still having second thoughts? Let us tell you more. 

Once you become a part of Samco, you and your clients get excellent support.

Here is what you get:

  1. Low Registration Fee 
  2. You get up to 50% commissions on the brokerage paid by clients per month.
  3. 50% commission on StockPlus & CashPlus subscription products purchased by your onboarded clients.
  4. 40% commission on the annual fee of the StockBaskets purchased by clients.
  5. User friendly and 100% transparent dashboards to track your earnings generated by clients. 
  6. Dedicated and quick customer support for your all queries.

Here is what clients would get:

  1. Prompt customer support. 
  2. Lighting fast trading app powered by a proprietary Giga Trading Engine – Samco Ace The Index.
  3. Regular research reports.
  4. RankMF – An excellent platform to choose the right mutual funds. 
  5. StockBasket for expertly curated long term investments. 
  6. Brokerage flat Rs 20 per order. 

And many more…

You as a samco partner will help investors get access to world-class services at their fingertips. And you earn at the same time. So it’s a win-win situation!

Let’s not wait for long. Create a wealthy habit with Samco today. 

Join Samco Business Partner Program Today!

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