StockBasket Pricing

With the StockBasket research team to look after your investment throughout your tenure of investment. You must be wondering about the huge fees StockBasket must be charging, you will be surprised to hear how affordable StockBasket fees are!

There are 3 types of fees:

  1. Buying a StockBasket is absolutely free!
  2. Transaction Fee: At the time of buying these expert-curated baskets, the transaction fees are ZERO. That means no fees are charged when you buy any StockBasket! However, there is an exit fee associated when you sell the StockBasket and if you sell it before completion of your 5-year tenure then the exit fee is doubled, this is done so that retail investors should think before selling the basket and enjoy the long-term wealth compounding. 
  3. Subscription Fee: StockBasket research team constantly monitors your basket and if it needs any kind of updates or rebalancing of stocks then it pushes out a notification for the same. Subscription fees are debited from your account on a quarterly basis. 

StockBasket pricing in comparison to other assets

  1. StockBasket vs Mutual Funds: StockBasket is 50% cheaper than Mutual Fund pricing.
  2. StockBasket vs PMS service provider: StockBasket is 70% cheaper than PMS service provider.
  3. StockBasket vs Research/Broker service provider: StockBasket is 80% cheaper than Research/Broker service provider.

StockBasket brings you a wide range of basket pricing!

You must be wondering that such exquisite quality of service will only be provided when the basket prices are skyrocketing. Let me tell you StockBasket pricing of baskets begins with as low as 3000 INR to 15 Lakh INR. This means you get to select a wide variety of baskets between this pricing as per your investment amount and risk appetite.  

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