Bullish Straddle Strategy: A Guide for Indian Option Traders

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Bullish Straddle Strategy: A Guide for Indian Option Traders

What Are The Strategy Legs?

Strategy legs, in options trading, refer to the individual components of a multi-legged strategy, where each leg represents a specific option contract. In the context of the Bullish Straddle Strategy, two legs are involved: one call option and one put option, both with the same strike price, which is higher than the At The Money (ATM) strike price.

For example, if the underlying stock is trading at ₹100, the trader can sell a call and a put option of ₹105 strike price and one month expiry.

What Will Be The Payoff?

The payoff of the Bullish Straddle Strategy is characterised by the potential for unlimited loss. This stems from the fact that the strategy involves selling both a call and a put option, leaving the trader exposed to unlimited losses on both the upside and downside. Profitability is contingent upon the underlying stock remaining within the range defined by two breakeven points. The lower breakeven point is calculated as the strike price minus the premium received, while the higher breakeven point is the strike price plus the premium received.

For example, if the trader sells a call and a put option of ₹105 strike price and one month expiry for ₹10 each, the net premium received will be ₹20. The upper breakeven point will be ₹125 (105 + 20) and the lower breakeven point will be ₹85 (105 - 20). The payoff diagram of the bullish straddle strategy is shown below:

Who Can Deploy This Strategy?

The Bullish Straddle Strategy is best suited for seasoned traders with a bold, aggressive approach. Due to its inherent risk of unlimited losses, it requires careful management to enhance potential returns if the market moves unfavourably.

When To Deploy This Strategy? 

This strategy is most effectively deployed when the trader holds a slightly bullish outlook on the underlying stock. It is crucial to note that if the stock price begins to decline or experiences sharp upward movements, losses are probable. However, when anticipating the underlying stock to remain within a range with a slight bullish bias, this strategy has the potential to yield significant returns.

When Should This Strategy Be Deployed?

Adopting a bullish strategy is most suitable when anticipating an uptick in market or asset values, guided by indicators such as positive market trends, strong company fundamentals, supportive technical analysis signals, sector or industry growth prospects, encouraging economic indicators, optimistic market sentiment, and beneficial news or events. This approach thrives in environments marked by overall economic growth, technological advancements, and geopolitical stability, which foster investor confidence and spending. Before proceeding with a bullish stance, it's crucial to perform comprehensive research, align strategies with personal risk tolerance and investment goals, and consider strategies like diversification and stop-loss orders to mitigate potential risks. The trader should also check the implied volatility of the options, as the higher the implied volatility, the higher the potential payoff of the strategy.

However, the trader should also be aware of the risks involved in this strategy, such as the possibility of the underlying asset remaining stable or moving slightly, which can result in a loss of the premium paid. The trader should also be aware of the time decay of the options, as the value of the options will decrease as the expiry date approaches, unless there is a significant price movement.

Understanding Strategy Greeks

The success of the Bullish Straddle Strategy hinges on various factors, including theta and delta. Theta, representing time decay, works in the trader's favour if the underlying stock remains within the specified range. Additionally, gradual upward movements in the stock price can benefit both theta and delta.

Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing the appropriate strike price is critical for optimising the strategy's potential. While selecting a strike price higher than the ATM is advisable, going too far away can negate the benefits of theta. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance and select a strike price that maximises profitability while mitigating risks.

Adjusting Straddle

Given the inherent risk associated with the Bullish Straddle Strategy, traders should implement strict stop-loss measures. If the market moves unfavourably, adjustments may be necessary. Options include exiting the straddle and re-entering with revised strike prices or purchasing additional call or put options to hedge against potential breakout scenarios.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Bullish Straddle Strategy offers the potential for high returns but requires careful consideration of risk factors and diligent monitoring. By understanding the intricacies of strategy legs, payoff analysis, deployment considerations, and adjustment strategies, traders can effectively navigate this complex options strategy. Samco Options B.R.O. is a feature in the Samco trading app that helps you select the best options trading strategy based on your market view, risk appetite, and return expectations. It also provides you with the optimal strike prices, expiry dates, and quantities for your chosen strategy.

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