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Importance of Trade Spreadsheet in Trading

According to a study conducted by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), 9 out of 10 retail traders suffered losses in the derivatives (F&O) segment in the financial year 2021-2022. One of the key reasons for this can be traced back to the lack of proper and adequate insights into historical trades. Without in-depth information and understanding of past trades, it becomes difficult for traders to learn from their previous actions. The new-gen Samco trading app, with its unique Trade Spreadsheet feature, aims to help traders like you bridge this gap in knowledge. You can use this feature to get a detailed overview of your trading patterns and plan future trades smartly using the various analytics metrics available in the app.

What is the Trade Spreadsheet? 

Trade Spreadsheet The Trade Spreadsheet is a unique feature of the Samco trading app that provides crucial trade-related statistics. Available under the ‘My Trade Story’ section of the app, the Trade Spreadsheet offers unseen insights — or the #AndekhaSach — on an individual trade level. You can use these insights to understand and analyze your trade performance and identify areas that need to be improved.

What are some key details that the Trade Spreadsheet provides? 

With the Trade Spreadsheet, you get access to various crucial insights, analytics, and performance indicators. Let’s take a closer look at the key information that you can obtain using this feature.
  • Position details such as the Last Traded Price (LTP), net quantity, holding period, and net amount invested
  • P&L analytics like realized and unrealized gains and losses and maximum potential profits and losses (in percentages)
  • Details of all the buy legs of every position you enter into
  • Details of all the sell legs of every position you enter into
  • Key technical indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Averages at the time of executing a trade

The Importance of Trade Spreadsheets in Trading

Trade Spreadsheet The insights about the #AndekhaSach that the Trade Spreadsheet offers can be very helpful to all traders, irrespective of their skill levels. You can use the newfound awareness provided by this feature to learn from your own trading history and become a better trader in the process. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Trade Spreadsheet an important and must-have tool for all kinds of traders.

  • It helps identify profitable patterns 

The Trade Spreadsheet gives you a complete breakup of every trade that you execute. You can use the information that this feature provides to identify profitable patterns that you can use for your future trades.

  • It optimizes position sizing 

Using the right position size ensures that the risk is always commensurate with the reward. Thoroughly examining each of your past trades with the help of the insights provided by the Trade Spreadsheet can help you determine the right position size for a trade. This way, you can not only manage your risk more effectively but also maximize profitability.

  • It enables accurate determination of entry and exit points 

Entering and exiting a position at the right time is crucial to ensure profitability. However, to do that, you need to first determine the optimal entry and exit points. Using the insights provided by the Trade Spreadsheet, you can improve the timing of your trades.

  • It helps evaluate the risk-reward ratio 

Analytics like maximum possible profits and maximum possible losses can help you better evaluate the risk-reward ratio of a trade, enabling you to make informed trading decisions.


The Samco trading app’s Trade Spreadsheet feature is different from a regular trade book that other trading apps provide. It offers extensive analytics and stats for every single trade you make. You can use the #AndekhaSach that you get from the Trade Spreadsheet to understand your trading pattern and improve profitability.

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