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Commodity Brokerage Calculator !

Calculate the brokerage costs before placing your orders in the commodity derivatives segment with the Samco commodities brokerage calculator.

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For a Commodity derivatives trader, brokerage cost forms the biggest cost of trading. Hence evaluation of overall trading costs is extremely essential to formulate an efficient trading strategy. Keep that in mind, the Samco Commodity Brokerage Calculator helps you to calculate your entire brokerage cost and other transaction costs for your trading plan. This is possible even before you execute your trades with the use of our Commodity Brokerage Calculator - which computes trading costs for both Intraday Commodity trading and Carry Forward Commodity Trading. You can also compare Samco trading costs vis-a-vis that of a traditional broker.

This Commodities Brokerage Calculator not only calculates the carry forward brokerage or intraday brokerage but also other trading expenses such as CTT (Commodities Transaction Tax), State-wise Stamp Duty, Exchange Transaction Charges (MCX Transaction Charges). It will also help you calculate the points required to break even on a commodity derivatives trade.

PS - Note that along with Brokerage, even the GST you pay goes up with a Traditional broker.

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% Wise Brokerage

Samco Brokerage Rs. 20 Per Trade

Turnover 126525 126525
Brokerage 63.26 25.30
Stamp Duty 2.53 2.53
Total Trans. Charges 1.7081 1.7081
GST 11.6943 4.8615
CTT 11.6943 4.8615
Total GST and Charges 79.44 34.65
Points to Break Even 0.0800 0.0350
Net Loss -59.4400 -14.6500
Savings with Samco Reduction in Break Even % with Samco Start Saving

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