Everthing about StockBasket SIP

Before talking about what is StockBasket SIP, let us first discuss about Equity SIP

Equity SIP is the process of investing periodically in equities via SIP, this is similar to the Mutual Fund SIP.

Now let us have a look at StockBasket SIP:

What is StockBaset SIP?

StockBasket, as you all know, is an expert-curated ready-made basket of stocks, with our latest feature of StockBasket SIP, this feature will allow investors to buy a particular StockBasket periodically and in a disciplined manner.

StockBasket SIP will allow investors to invest in baskets or mini portfolios of stocks in monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly frequencies. This is similar to your SIPs in mutual funds, however, with StockBasket you will directly own shares of these companies in your Demat account.

StockBasket SIP would help you to invest regularly in quality stocks via baskets thereby helping you to tackle market volatility and creating a sizable corpus with small regular investments. 

Why StockBasket SIP?

A historical study has shown us that to create true wealth, we have to do three things right – 

  1. Save a sizeable portion of your income, meaning do not under-invest
  2. Regularly invest your savings in shares great quality companies via stock market &
  3. Hold shares of these great quality businesses for as long as possible.

In our effort to inculcate wealthy habits and to provide superior investment solutions to retail investors, we are happy to introduce SIP feature in StockBasket.

How it can help retail investors  to huge a Corpus:

Let’s take an example of  Retirement in 2040 lite basket – it has 9 stocks, but this is not enough for your retirement, what we are trying to say here is you need to buy the basket regularly to increase your share in these superior stocks in the form of baskets, thus helping you to create a huge corpus

Benefits of StockBasket SIP:

The key benefits of StockBasket SIP are:

  • Disciplined investing approach: SIP will help you to invest your money in a disciplined manner thereby helping you create wealth in the long-term.
  • Wealth creation with small periodic investments with SIP: SIP will help you grow your wealth by investing small amounts from your income regularly in quality stocks via baskets. 
  • Risk aversion with StockBasket SIP: It helps you as an investor to invest timely in diversified baskets or mini portfolios of Stocks thereby reducing the risk in the stock market. 
  • Power of Compounding: Investing in the right stocks for a long time gives you an edge with the power of compounding which ultimately helps in long term wealth creation.

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