How StockBasket is made and types of StockBasket?

StockBasket is meticulously made by its research expert team that evaluates around 4500 stocks with their proprietary framework and research.

From this, the research experts team identifies the top companies that have the potential to outperform in the coming years. The universe of StockBasket is selected with the philosophy of buy and forget. They pass the 5-year Bond test. This test gauges how the businesses would perform and make money if the markets were to shut down and we came back after 5 years.

StockBasket includes these top companies stocks in their minimum 5 years of horizon basket which helps retail investors to gain considerable wealth and enjoy the long-term compounding associated with it. 

Types of StockBaskets:

StockBasket has been designed keeping in mind of retail investors like you. It is built based on these following 4 variables in mind. 

  1. Financial goals
  2. Long-term theme
  3. Risk appetite
  4. Time horizon
  1. Financial goals: If you have a certain goal like planning an International Vacation with your family then the International Vacation Basket can be the best-suited investment option for you. Our research team has kept in mind all such goals and designed baskets as per these goals.
  2. Long-term theme: If you think a particular sector like healthcare will benefit in the coming years then you can invest in Health and Wellness Basket.
  3. Risk appetite: Our research team has taken into consideration the investor’s bandwidth of risk appetite from low-risk to high-risk and have created baskets: 5-Year Low-Risk Basket and 5-Year High-Risk Basket accordingly.
  4. Time horizon: We have created baskets with a minimum of 5-year investment horizon to help you gain the benefit of compounding. However, if you wish to stay invested for longer periods like 10 years then 4x Target in 10 Years – Lite can be the best option for you. 

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