Introducing Bulk Orders: The Perfect Solution for High-Volume Traders

Are you tired of placing multiple orders for the same trade just because you cannot place a single order for the required quantity? Say goodbye to that frustration as we introduce our new Bulk Order feature, designed to make trading easier for high-volume traders.

NSE has mandated a maximum limit to the quantity per order for all F&O contracts. Hence, If you want to buy or sell a huge quantity, you cannot place it via a single order. The new Bulk Order feature allows you to place the order with a huge quantity. 

Here’s how Bulk Orders work:

  • Let’s say you want to buy 5,000 quantities of Nifty futures, but the maximum permissible quantity per order is 1,800. With Bulk Orders, you can place a single order for 5,000 quantities, and we will automatically divide it into three different orders of 1800, 1800, and 1400.
  • Once you submit the bulk order, our system will simultaneously send the three orders to the stock market exchange NSE, reducing your order processing time.
  • You can monitor each order’s status from the order book. Also, You can modify each pending order from the order book.

Benefits of using Bulk Orders:

  • Faster order processing: With Bulk Orders, you can place high-volume trades faster than ever before. Say goodbye to placing multiple orders and waiting for each one to execute.
  • Save time: The system will automatically divide your bulk order into smaller orders, reducing the time you spend manually placing multiple orders.
  • Better trade execution: By simultaneously submitting multiple orders, you increase the likelihood of getting a better price for your trade. On the flip side, there is a risk of higher impact cost for traders for very large quantities. Keeping this in mind, We have kept a maximum limit of 10 orders per bulk order.

Here’s how you can use Bulk Orders on Samco Platforms:

  1. Just tap on a scrip from the watchlist and click on Buy/Sell. Order page as shown below will appear.
  1. Maximum permissible quantity per trade for bank nifty options is 900. In the current version of the Samco App, you won’t be allowed to place order with quantities beyond 900 and an error message will appear. Now with the new bulk order feature, you can enter a higher quantity on the same order page as shown below.
  1. A Pop-up will appear for confirmation of splitting one order into multiple. Click on Yes and done. You can place all of those orders with a single click on Quick trade.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out our new Bulk Order feature today and experience hassle-free high-volume trading.

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