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There are no short cuts to success but there are short cuts which save a lot of time & can help you in your trading! While order speed is extremely important, a slight delay can result in large losses. We have collated NEST keyboard shortcuts that will make you pro if you use them well.

Samco Trader Shortcuts

To save your time while trading using our Samco Nest Trader, you can use the following short cut keys:

Trading Shortcut Keys in the SAMCO NEST Trader
Buy Order F1 or +
Sell Order F2 or –
Order Book F3
Snap Quote F6
Trade Book F8
Net Positions F11
View RMS Limits Ctrl+Shift+V
View Holdings/collaterals Alt+F9
Order History Shift+F12


Basic Shortcut Keys in the SAMCO NEST Trader
Market Watch F4
Dual Market Depth Shift+F6
Scrip Properties Shift+F7
Message Bar Ctrl+L
User Settings Ctrl+P
Lock Application Ctrl+W
Group Settings Ctrl+G
Refresh Broadcast Ctrl+F5
Change Password Ctrl+Shift+F9


Advanced Shortcut Keys in the SAMCO NEST Trader
Index Value Bar Crtl+I
Basket Order Entry Form Crtl+B
After Market Order Buy window Crtl+F1
After Market Order Sell window Crtl+F2
Buy Cover Order Shift+F1
Sell Cover Order Shift+F2
Buy Bracket Order Shift+F3
Sell Bracket Order Shift+F4
Spread Order Window Shift+Ctrl+F1

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