How to transfer shares from your DEMAT account?

Traders these days have a lot of options from which they can choose their brokers, however after opening an account you may be not be happy with your existing broker and might want to shift to another broker, in this case you would have to transfer your holdings from your […]

About Samco Margin Policies and Limits

Margin Limits and Policies are a very critical point for consideration for every Trader and Investor in the markets. We at Samco in this post have tried to detail the margin policies that shall be available under different product categories. We have tried to be transparent and upfront in our risk management approach […]

What is a Spread Order?

A Spread Order is a combo order used for rolling over future positions from one expiry to another in the stock markets. Suppose somebody has a buy open position in Nifty futures contract expiring on the last Thursday of the month. On or before the expiry date, if he wishes to carry […]

What is Family Admin Feature in Samco Star Back Office?

We frequently come across families that trade & invest together in sync with each other. A common inconvenience they faced is tracking multiple portfolios with the same scripts bought at different times, different prices & through different accounts. Tracking your portfolio becomes a lengthy process, and at SAMCO we hate […]

Nest Trader Keyboard Shortcuts | Samco

There are no short cuts to success but there are short cuts which save a lot of time & can help you in your trading! While order speed is extremely important, a slight delay can result in large losses. We have collated NEST keyboard shortcuts that will make you pro […]

Introduction to Samco's Knowledge Center

Knowledge of the stock market is freely available to everyone on Google! One can browse a wide variety of topics on markets including fundamental or technical analysis. However, the internet can provide too much information that may overwhelm anyone and cause more confusion than problems it can solve. To solve […]