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  1. Gager k M

    If i sold to day a call option or a put option, is there any chance of STT penality on expiry if it is not squared off.


      Greetings! The STT is applicable only on the selling side. If you’ve opened up a short position in Options, you’ve already paid the STT (which would reflect in your ledger). If you’re shorting any position, you expect the premium value to decrease from your selling price.
      For eg: You short a position at the premium Rs.10 and when the value of it decreases to, let’s say Rs. 5, you earn a profit of Rs10-5= Rs. 5 (multiply it to the quantity). Meaning, your positions need to be “out-of-the-money” to earn profits every time.
      We hope this resolves your queries. If you have any more queries or issues, feel free to contact us; we’re happy to help you. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a great day ahead!

  2. VSD

    If I short an INDEX Option and it falls in ITM, will I be charged STT upon exercising as I have already paid while entering the position ?

    1. Team Samco

      Dear User,
      With regards to your query, we’d like to inform you that if the position gets exercised then STT is charged by 0.125% on the premium value.
      For any other queries/information, you can mail us on or raise a ticket on, our executive shall assist you on the same.
      Looking forward to serving you soon.
      Thanks & regards,
      Team Samco

  3. SAURABH Gupta

    Sir pls close my online samco fhom subscribe i am not shar market interest pls

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