How to Invest in Debt Funds Through RankMF in 5 Simple Steps?

Steps To Invest In Debt Funds:

If there is a particular debt fund that cater to your expectations or if you want to do your own analysis to invest in Debt Funds  with our research then you just need to follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Open an account/Login 

2. After creating your account or logging in, go to Explore all MF Ranks

3. Unselect all the options which you don’t want. For example: if you don’t want to see equity funds then unselect it by simply clicking on it

4. Now click on debt funds and select the type of debt funds you want and then click on Apply along with the ratings of your choice shown on ‘Select your Filters’ window

5. Below shall appear a list of the choices you made and you can invest in the fund of your choice by simply clicking on it and then choose your investment option with the investment amount you are comfortable with. Congrats you are now invested!


You can simply click on the search icon on the home page and search the type of fund of your choice and then click on ‘Invest’

Watch this video to understand what are debt mutual funds

If you have any queries related to our RankMF site or mutual funds then you can give us a call at 022-22227777 and we will be delighted to help you with your queries! 

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