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About Full Service Stock Brokers

Chirag Joshi

Brokerage account / Online trading account It is a well known fact that for trading in the stock and commodity markets, clients need a brokerage account (also known as an online trading account). These brokerage account services are offered by stockbrokers registered with the Exchanges NSE, BSE and MCX who in turn charge broker commissions for… Continue reading About Full Service Stock Brokers

What are Brokerage Charges?

Chirag Joshi

While all Traders & Investors transact on Stock Exchanges in India such as Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange or on Commodity Exchanges such as Multi Commodity Exchange, they cannot do so directly. Let’s take an example: Mr.Ram is a new Investor. He wishes to buy shares of Reliance. He calls up the National Stock… Continue reading What are Brokerage Charges?

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