Best Indian Stocks for Next 10 Years

Best Indian Stocks for Next 10 YearsLong term investors usually think of best stocks to whenever they google for information on stocks identification for longer investment. Therefore anyone market participant thinks of investing money in the market for longer term then usually the time frame should range in between 3 years to 10 years to get good returns in the longer term. After conducting an extensive research we have found that there are many good stocks which has the potential to give excellent returns by 2025-2028. But before we give the list of Best Stocks in India in 2018 which could give better returns, we would advise readers to read the following stock rating mechanism which we have devised and used to identify the stocks. The fundamental analysis of over 1000+ stocks listed in India and characterised them as fundamentally strong stocks (Ratings AAA – B) and penny stocks. Before investors pick stocks for their portfolio, Investors must go through the fundamental stock rating that has been assigned to the stock and evaluate the risk of investing in the same.So any stocks having the AAA Rating has the capacity to outperform its peers and its typically a market leaders in their industry with significant pricing power and high competitive edge and growth opportunities with excellent underlying fundamentals and corporate governance practices. The list below highlights the stocks having the good fundamentals and other long term investment parameters. List of Best Indian Stocks for next 10 years (Last updated on 21/02/2018)
Company NameSamco RatingScore(Out of 10)SectorLast Traded PriceMarket CapEPSPEShares Outstanding
P.I.INDUSTRIES LTD.AAA7.43Agriculture843.9116565786276#N/A#N/A138127483
KAVERI SEED COMPANY LTD.AAA7.41Agriculture472.853101618146124.3119.4565594123
MONSANTO INDIA LTD.AAA7.57Agriculture24854287380440081.9530.3217253040
DHANUKA AGRITECH LTD.AAA7.59Agro Chemicals645.53081794060624.7226.1147742743
APOLLO TYRES LTD.AAA7.5Auto & Auto Ancillaries261.8514905929325213.2919.7569254496
AMARA RAJA BATTERIES LTD.AAA7.91Auto & Auto Ancillaries801.413628714840426.9729.71170061323
BOSCH LTD.AAA7.83Auto & Auto Ancillaries19363591809241049482.3840.1430563923
EICHER MOTORS LTD.AAA7.57Auto & Auto Ancillaries27347745506895164717.3738.1227261012
HERO MOTOCORP LTD.AAA8.06Auto & Auto Ancillaries3486.85693526848222105.333.11198897810
SWARAJ ENGINES LTD.AAA7.59Auto & Auto Ancillaries19352385393696062.3931.0212327616
BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITEDAAA7.51BFSI1598.292007371994417.7789.94575693748
CRISIL LTD.AAA8.53BFSI1939.9513985415991842.1845.9972091633
GRUH FINANCE LTD.AAA7.74BFSI502.11844742776839.3853.5367405448
HDFC BANK LTD.AAA7.78BFSI1858.8548136472462007.77239.162589583511
INDUSIND BANK LTD.AAA7.44BFSI1611.8596341799301540.1640.14597709469
SYMPHONY LIMITEDAAA7.89Consumer Durables1696.1119167087048#N/A#N/A70259471
BATA INDIA LTD.AAA7.72Consumer Durables705.9590143637378#N/A#N/A127691247
KAJARIA CERAMICS LTD.AAA7.41Consumer Durables5809220679746015.0638.51158977237
ASIAN PAINTS LTD.AAA8.32Consumer Durables1127108386960744320.2955.53961729909
BERGER PAINTS INDIA LTD.AAA7.68Consumer Durables243.452374963031134.7451.38975544490
AKZO NOBEL INDIA LIMITEDAAA7.82Consumer Durables1794.58368104504245.9139.0946631956
KANSAI NEROLAC PAINTS LTD.AAA7.52Consumer Durables491.52643684549785.4490.36537880885
TITAN COMPANY LIMITEDAAA7.63Consumer Durables830.3739105441659#N/A#N/A890166750
PIDILITE INDUSTRIES LTD.AAA8.22Consumer Durables889.745680807161017.0652.14513440559
HAWKINS COOKERS LTD.AAA7.75Consumer Durables#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
TTK PRESTIGE LTD.AAA7.47Consumer Durables7124.382218273992242.229.4211540541
PAGE INDUSTRIES LTD.AAA7.49Consumer Durables22739.2252357381749286.4879.3711097901
AIA ENGINEERING LTD.AAA7.61INFRA1421.213434651743543.073394530342
HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD.AAA7.95IT927.95129214501071062.2514.911392472648
INFOSYS LTD.AAA8.23IT1148.7249106147741569.8116.462168591959
TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD.AAA8.31IT3000.655744008430671131.7322.781914254784
TECH MAHINDRA LTD.AAA7.63IT594.858080830247435.3116.85976476655
WIPRO LTD.AAA7.8IT291.85131432207726817.4816.694503416309
ECLERX SERVICES LTD.AAA8.08IT1311.15218409049874.3117.6439801763
ACCELYA KALE SOLUTIONS LIMITDAAA7.55IT1359.92028413141460.2422.5814915899
ORACLE FINANCIAL SERVICES SOFTWARE LTD.AAA7.44IT4081.3534814195089214428.3485300683
CMC LTD.AAA7.57IT20306157717958090.7522.3730333586
GEOMETRIC LTD.AAA7.5IT2631753827992522.1811.8666685475
MINDTREE LTD.AAA7.58IT725.611886753621729.0624.97163819653
TATA ELXSI LTD.AAA7.64IT993.76162486769834.2429.0262015565
HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD.AAA8.17IT343.310140321950916.6120.67295377871
CYIENT LIMITEDAAA7.43IT623.56905000006532.3519.27110745790
JAGRAN PRAKASHAN LTD.AAA7.52Media161.55024655830010.4315.48311124200
SUN TV NETWORK LTD.AAA7.71Media927.136457557848110.6587.05393243003
COAL INDIA LTD.AAA8.38Metals308.6191310105095713.622.686199290386
ABBOTT INDIA LTD.AAA7.82Pharmaceuticals5720.6122012574302161.5235.4221328632
DIVIS LABORATORIES LTD.AAA7.49Pharmaceuticals1004.95267216223320#N/A#N/A265900015
ALEMBIC PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.AAA7.52Pharmaceuticals557.5510526829625421.8625.51188805127
GLAXOSMITHKLINE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.AAA7.53Pharmaceuticals2398.620316028893638.6762.0384699525
LUPIN LTD.AAA7.8Pharmaceuticals816.536960414052031.2126.16452668880
SUN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIESAAA8.72Pharmaceuticals527.35126313799483810.7349.172395255624
BAJAJ CORP LTD.AAA8.05FMCG480.45707214557818.1459.02147198364
BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LTD.AAA7.7FMCG475157321659252779.2459.96120651777
COLGATE-PALMOLIVE (INDIA) LTD.AAA8.9FMCG1084.629379043921023.0647.04270874466
DABUR INDIA LTD.AAA8.18FMCG3365916094020487.346.011760742268
EMAMI LTD.AAA7.99FMCG104923787688886514.5672.05226765385
GLAXOSMITHKLINE CONSUMER HEALTHCARE LTD.AAA8.75FMCG6512.45276666168340157.9341.2442482654
HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD.AAA8.9FMCG1328.828777749453887.49177.442165694491
ITC LTD.AAA8.56FMCG266.73258087682899#N/A#N/A12216301214
MARICO LTD.AAA7.46FMCG307.053973024213616.1649.821293934008
NESTLE INDIA LTD.AAA8.42FMCG7589731377398684126.8759.8296373356
PROCTER & GAMBLE HYGIENE & HEALTHCARE LTD.AAA8.28FMCG9373304118007648130.7671.6832446176
VST INDUSTRIES LTD.AAA7.94FMCG322549386198750109.9929.3215313550
CAN FIN HOMES LTD.AAA7.75Housing Finance517.456897611767422.3323.18133300060
INDIABULLS HOUSING FINANCE LTDAAA8.34Housing Finance1239.5552869132995185.1514.56426518744
ATUL AUTO LTD.AAA7.53Auto & Auto Ancillaries415.1910205349619.9620.7921927375
For more useful articles on trading, investing and market knowledge, visit our Knowledge Center section.(Note: The above list is for information purpose only. Avoid trading and investing based on the information given above. Before investing in stocks do due diligence).

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