Best Penny Stocks Below Rupee 1

Best Penny Stocks Below Rupee 1 in India

When you hear the word penny stocks what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Quick money, success, downturns?  The potential reward of stocks under Rs. 1 is enormous.  In fact penny stocks below Rs. 1 are the best phenomenon lately. 

Investors keep coming back to penny stocks under Rs.1 because of their quick money-making potential. The enormous potential is their blessing. However, penny stocks priced below Rs. 1 come with some risk. 

 Although penny stocks under Rs. 1 are mostly illiquid and more volatile it is one of the most attractive segments for people who can take some risk. Penny stocks may have sub-standard fundamentals but choosing just the right stock may land you the greatest returns of a lifetime. Like, Alps Motor Finance, i.e., from the list of stocks under Rs.1 has given a return of 70% in the calendar year 2022, while the Sensex rose just 3.30% during the same period.

Therefore, here is a list of stocks under Rs. 1 for you to find a lifetime opportunity.


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List of stocks trading below Rs.1 at NSE and BSE

Sr. NoCompany NameBSE Scrip CodeCMP – Dec 22IndustryMarket CapROCE%Sales Growth (3Yrs) %
17NR Retail Ltd5406150.86Trading24.097.6621.99
2A R C Finance5401350.86Finance – NBFC43.440.9491.65
3ACI Infocom5173560.98IT-Hardware10.830.30-62.52
4Alps Motor Finance5384230.63Finance – NBFC6.40-0.03-70.75
5Amerise BioSciences5316810.97Finance – Investment6.4010.1896.92
6Amraworld Agrico5319910.94Trading11.312.3911.39
7Antarctica5267150.85Printing and Publishing13.180.10-13.11
8Avance Technologies5121490.38IT-Software7.53-0.1950.20
9Baron Infotech5323360.63IT-Software0.64-24.5133.89
10Biogen Pharmachem Industries5317520.83Trading54.18-0.0237.69
11Blue Chip India5319360.30Finance – Investment1.66-9.51-30.66
 12Classic Global Finance Capital5384330.56Finance – Investment2.060.359.22
13Empower India5043510.15Trading17.46-0.0390.50
14Excel Realty N Infra5330900.52Trading73.36-2.24-6.13
15Five X Tradecom5367510.77Finance – Stock Broking1.580.0529.62
16G V Films5232770.63Film Production, Distribution & Entertainment57.63-1.73-31.13
17Gayatri Highways5415460.86Engineering – Construction20.61-12.207.47
18Goldline International Finvest5381800.70Finance – Investment36.470.3911.59
19Hit Kit Global5323590.82IT-Software3.03-1.3311.36
20JIK Industries5116180.75Glass5.45-46.69
21Johnson Pharmacare5321540.68Trading37.400.2252.46
22K-Lifestyle Industries5142210.25Textile25.56-5.85-64.08
23Kretto Syscon5313280.70Medical Equipment/Supplies10.981.4889.67
24Kuber Udyog5394080.97Finance – NBFC0.330.47-26.32
25Mahan Industries5315150.42Finance – NBFC1.51-5.0016.11
26Monotype India5053430.32Finance – Stock Broking22.50-41.1816.30
27NCl Research Financial Services5305570.48Finance – NBFC51.381.68-16.77
28Sanwaria Consumer5192600.74FMCG54.47-1.97-94.08
29Shalimar Productions5124990.51Film Production, Distribution & Entertainment50.210.09-15.36
30Shekhawati Poly-Yarn Ltd5333010.65Textile22.41-27.1835.15
31Shiv Om Investment & Consultancy5398330.43Finance & Investments3.010.29-11.83
32Stampede Capital5317230.90Finance – Stock Broking94.47-75.19
33Sturdy Industries5306110.57Electricals – Cable8.62-8.84-59.72
34Sun Retail5420250.60Trading9.30-0.40-64.38
35Surya Chakra Power Corporation5328740.65Power Generation & Distribution9.73-3.77-12.31
36Sword-Edge Commercials5123590.51Trading11.07-1.03-24.05
37Viaan Industries5375240.80Trading8.82-18.25-67.47
38Visesh Infotecnics5324110.56IT-Software211.36-0.92-69.34
39Wagend Infra Venture5036750.96Finance-Investment4.511.5413.67
40Yamini Investments5110120.88Finance-Investment46.260.4332.69

Investing in stocks below Rs. 1 can get a little tricky even when it is priced so low. Choosing good micro-caps and penny stocks requires research with expert guided strategy. Watch our video, to learn the steps to identify a good penny stock and make money from it. 

This is the only guide you will need to invest in stocks under Rs. 1.

Happy Investing!

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