What are BSE market timings?

The BSE operates in 3 segments i.e. the Equity, Equity Derivatives and the Currency derivatives segments. Like the other exchanges, the BSE doesn't operate on weekends and market holidays. BSE holiday calendar can be found on the SAMCO website. The market timings for the BSE Equities and BSE F&O Segments are as follows:
  • Pre Opening session - All orders are accumulated and matched at a single market opening price at the end of the session. This happens between 09:00hrs - 09:15hrs
  • Normal Market trading session - Trades occur continuously between 09:15hrs – 15:30hrs as orders match at the exact time and prize
  • Post Closing session - The VWAP closing prize calculation is done between 15:30hrs – 15:40hrs and the execution of post closing trades takes place between 15:40hrs – 16:00hrs. Note that the post closing session is only available in the Equities Segment.
The BSE currency derivatives segment operates from 09:00 hours till 17:00 hours. Refer the NSE Market Timings on the SAMCO Knowledge Center.

What are BSE Market Timings

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