Option Trading: Basic to Advance Concepts Simplified

In this article we will cover What is option trading Options jargons you must understand Put option vs Call option Why deal with option trading The risk involved while trading options Moneyness of an option Factors affecting option value Understanding Option Greeks Options Trading Strategies End Note Options are possibly […]

Top Artificial Intelligence(AI) Stocks in 2024

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Stocks Artificial Intelligence stocks or AI stocks are quite the rage in international circuits. Some of the popular AI stocks listed in the US markets include NVIDIA Corporation, IBM, Micron Technology Inc. and Amazon Ltd. etc. But unfortunately, this craze is yet to catch on in […]

What is Investing and How Can You Start Investing?

Did you know that investing was discovered approximately 3,720 years ago?! It was part of the code of Hammurabi. But even after 3,000+ years, the majority of investors still fail to understand what is investing. There is too much confusion between investing, saving and speculation. Some investors believe saving money […]

Exit on Timely Basis with GTT Orders

Trading in the stock market is always marketed as a ‘passive, part-time’ activity. Everyone will have you believe that you only need to spare two to three hours a day and you will be rich. But this is not the case. At least, not yet. You see, you cannot really […]

Sunil Singhania Portfolio May 2022

Sunil Singhania’s portfolio is the talk of the town thanks to the outperformance of Abakkus Asset Managers. Launched in September 2018, Abakkus is already creating a name for itself in the stock market. The networth of Sunil Singhania’s portfolio has skyrocketed to Rs 1,829.78 crore in May 2022. This is […]