Hitting the Perfect Target with GTT Order

 Hitting the Perfect Target with GTT Order Landing a quadruple jump in ice-skating, swimming with sharks, reciting pi to the nth place and exiting stocks at the right time... These are some of the hardest things to do in life. The hardest, in my opinion, is the last one - exiting stocks at the right time. It simply cannot be done. Or at least that is the general consensus. And the reason that investors are unable to exit a stock at the right time is not because they don’t know the right exit price. But simply because they are unable to time their exits. As an investor, you might know the target price of a stock. But when the stock will hit this target price, is anyone’s guess. It can take one day, one week, a month or a year. And the biggest question of all is if you will be on your laptops or phone screens at the exact same time that the stock hits its target price. What if you are rushing to catch a train? Or your mother asks you to bring vegetables from the market? What if you are in the middle of your brothers pheras when the stock hits its target price? Ah! What a tragedy it would be. But you see, these circumstances are unavoidable. What will you do, not catch the train? Leave your brothers wedding to sell the stock? Of course not. So, what is the way out here? Well, you have two options – you can either stay glued to your trading terminal waiting for the stock to hit its target price. Or, you can simply set a GTT order and save yourself the hassle of tracking the stock daily.I would any day prefer the second option – Setting a GTT order. What is a GTT order? Simply put, GTT stands for Good Till Triggered. This order type allows you to place buy, sell and stop-loss order with lifetime validity. There are two types of orders in the stock market – limit order and market order. In limit order, you set a buy and sell order at a specific price. If the stock hits this specific price within the trading day, then your order gets executed, or else the order gets cancelled automatically. In market order, the buy or sell order is immediately executed at the prevailing market price. Now, a large number of investors place limit orders. So, if the specific buy price is not hit, the order gets cancelled and the investor does this same exercise every day. Now you would agree that this sounds tedious. I mean, we don’t have so much spare time that we will track the stock daily and place buy or sell orders. This is where GTT order is a godsend. GTT order can help you do the impossible – Exit a stock at the right time. Suppose you had bought 1,000 shares of Network 18 Media Ltd on December 01, 2021 at a share price of Rs 74.65. You had set a target price of Rs 115. Now obviously you are not a god man so you wouldn’t know when the stock will hit its target. So, you decide to set a GTT target order at Rs 115. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. You have no other option than to wait. But then after five months, on April 26, 2022, Network 18 Media Ltd. hits its target price of Rs 115 and your GTT order gets triggered. This foresight helped you make a profit of Rs 40,350 (Rs 115-Rs 74.65*1,000 shares). Now imagine if you were busy doing mundane activities on the fateful day of April 26, 2022. Without GTT, you would have missed this opportunity. Well, there is always another day right? But what if there isn’t? Post April 26, 2022, the share price of Network 18 has been tumbling. In fact, if you had waited for a few days, and exited on say May 04, 2022, you would have lost out on nearly 41,000. Imagine buying vegetables would have cost you Rs 40,350! This is why GTT order is a revolutionary order type. Now we agree we aren’t the only ones providing GTT orders. But we are the only ones providing GTT order with lifetime validity. While GTT orders provided by other brokers expire in one year, GTT orders with Samco have no expiry date. Once you set a GTT order, you can exit a stock at the right price. How to place a GTT order? Follow the below steps to place a GTT order on Samco:
  • Set up buy or sell trigger prices for your desired stocks
  • Assign the appropriate limit price and quantity for your orders
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and create the GTT orders
So, now perfect your exit with Samco’s Good Till Triggered Order. And we’ll be sure to keep the Guinness world record team on standby.

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