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Refer friends
& earn up to rupee6,200*

Trading & investing is better with friends & family. Refer friends to Samco and earn bonus worth up to rupee6,200* on each referral, and 10% lifetime brokerage sharing.

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Samco Referral Program

Referral benefits

3-step process

Share link

Share link

Share your referral link with your friends via social apps.

Friend signs up

Friend signs up

Your referred friend signs up using your referral link.

Earn Bonus

Earn bonus

Once your friend starts investing, you’ll receive your referral bonus.

Why our clients love us

Shraddha Santosh Padad

Shraddha Santosh Padad

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Star Star Star Star Star

I have been using Samco’s trading app since 2019 now and i can say it is definitely a user-friendly app. I had no idea how to trade but I am learning new things from this everyday. I had referred this app to my friend as well and got free trades.

Prachi Dinesh Jadhav

Prachi Dinesh Jadhav

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Star Star Star Star Star

GTT ORDERS are good. I have used them on Samco trading app and it is actually a good feature that help u to place orders at the right time. I have told this to my friends and they also tried it out, we both got referral rewards

Pankaj Nana Gaikwad

Pankaj Nana Gaikwad

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Star Star Star Star Star

My friend had referred me to samco and I am a big fan of their stockbasket app. I personally dont know what stocks i should buy, but stockbasket is reliable. Thank you Samco.


What are the referral benefits for you and your friends?

Referral benefit for you:

  • Brand vouchers worth ₹5,000* once your friend opens a Samco account.
  • Cash bonus worth up to ₹1,200* once your friend starts investing.
  • 10% brokerage sharing from your referred friends’ trades, for life.

Referral benefit for your friend:

  • Zero brokerage trading for 1st month.
  • Zero cost for opening demat account.
  • Zero demat AMC for the 1st year.

Note : The vouchers and cash bonus will be disbursed by the 10th of July'23

What are the eligibility conditions to receive the referral bonus worth up to ₹6,200*?
  1. You must hold a Samco account with at least equity trading segments enabled to receive a referral bonus worth ₹6,200* on each referral.
  2. If your friend opens an account, funds his/her trading account with ₹2,000 (1 st pay-in), and starts investing within 30 days from their registration date, you’ll receive the referral bonus. If your referred friends make partial payments or do a pay-in of less than ₹2,000, you won’t be eligible for the referral bonus; you’ll still receive the 10% brokerage sharing from them.
Is there any limit to refer someone to Samco?

Yes. The referral bonus worth up to ₹6,200* will be capped at 20 referral accounts.

How can I claim the vouchers worth ₹5,000*?

Once your referred friend opens a Samco account, you'll be eligible for vouchers worth ₹5,000* on each referral. Follow the below-mentioned steps to claim the vouchers.

  1. A unique code with the webpage link will be sent to you via SMS/ WhatsApp/ Email.
  2. Select the preferred offers on the webpage and add them to the cart.
  3. Click on the 'Checkout' button.
  4. Fill in your details like name, email, and mobile number to receive the brand voucher code.
  5. Enter your unique code and place the order for the chosen brand vouchers.

What is brokerage sharing?

Once your referred friend starts investing, you will receive 10% brokerage sharing on their spent brokerage, for life.

Example: If your referred friend spends ₹10,000 in brokerage, you'll receive ₹1,000 (i.e. 10% of his/her spent brokerage).

How will I get the brokerage share?

The 10% brokerage sharing will be credited daily to your referral wallet, as and when your referred friend spends brokerage at Samco.

Your accumulated brokerage sharing for the current month can only be withdrawn in the next month, when the withdrawal balance crosses ₹2,000.

Once the withdrawal request is placed, you'll receive the amount in your primary bank account by the 10th of the following month.

Example: If your referral sharing accumulates to ₹1,000 in Jun. 2023 and ₹1,000 in Jul. 2023, your clear withdrawal balance for Aug. 2023 is ₹2,000, which can be withdrawn in Aug. 2023, and you’ll receive the amount by 10th Sept. 2023.

Where can I see my previous referral benefit of free trades?

Referral accounts opened before 1st August 2022, that were eligible for the benefit of free trades, will be displayed under the “Old Scheme” inside the ‘Successful Referral’ tab. You can find the details of the free trades received against each referral account on Samco Star. Visit Samco Star →

Terms & conditions

T&Cs updated on 31st May 2023

  • An introducer/ referrer is a Samco customer who refers a prospective customer to open a trading and demat account by using their unique referral link or code.
  • The referred friend/ referee is a customer who opens the trading and demat account with Samco using the referral code or link of an existing Samco customer.
  • Account opening date is the date when a referee successfully opens their Samco account.
  • Referral bonus of brand vouchers worth ₹5,000 is the benefit that the referrers get once the referees open a Samco account.
  • The referral bonus amount of up to ₹1,200 may vary across different referrers.
  • The 10% brokerage sharing is the benefit that the referrers get from his/her referees, and will be credited daily in the referral wallet, as and when the referees trade. The payout of the brokerage sharing will be processed once per month.
  • Only the introducers of referral accounts are eligible for the referral bonus worth up to ₹6,200.
  • The referrer will be rewarded with the bonus valid at the time of referee’s account opening and not with the offers running at the time of referring.
  • If the referrer has a mutual-fund-only account enabled, he/she won’t be eligible to participate in the referral program and receive the benefits.
  • The referee must open a trading and demat account with Samco using the referrer’s referral link only.
  • If referees trade after 30 days from their respective account registration date, the referrer will only receive the 10% brokerage sharing from those referees.
  • If referee accounts are opened after 30 days from their respective account registration date, Samco has the right to remove the said referrals from under the respective introducers and consider them a direct account (which is not mapped under any referral code).
  • The referral bonus (cash bonus and brand vouchers) on each referral account will be processed by the 10th of the following month.
  • The referral bonus will be capped at the first 20 successful referral accounts per month. Samco reserves the right to withhold the referral bonus of up to ₹6,200 for referrers with successful referral accounts over 20.
  • Samco reserves the right to ban referrers from the referral program.
  • If details of the referred client already exist in the Samco database as an existing client or as a lead client, then it will not be considered under this scheme for referral benefits, and Samco reserves the right to exclude the said accounts for the calculation of referral benefits.
  • All the verification and account opening processes will be carried out by the Samco team, and the team reserves the right to reject the case depending on compliance requirements and the company’s existing policies and procedures.
  • Management reserves all the rights to modify or terminate the arrangement of the scheme at any time without prior notice. The decision of Samco on all matters relating to, or in connection with the use of this offer shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
  • Samco reserves the right to carry out checks and controls as it deems fit and proper, before the credit of referral reward to the referrer.
  • Introducers and referees must ensure that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by this policy, Samco’s terms & conditions, privacy policy, and policies & procedures on Samco’s websites.
  • Referrer agrees that the following activities are expressly prohibited and engaging in any of these will lead to the initiation of legal and criminal action against you, and also result in immediate termination and disqualification from the referral program, forfeiture of existing referral invitations and accrued, but not yet received, referral rewards:
    • Shall not offer any scheme /plan/ brokerage cashbacks/ certificates/ medals/ gifts/ prizes/ coupons/ tokens to referees which compel them to open accounts or undertake/execute trades/transactions with Samco, in order to avail/continue to avail certain benefits under the referral program.
    • Selling, trading, bartering, or providing anything of value to your referees beyond the referral invitation or otherwise using your program invitations or rewards for promotional purposes.
    • Organizing competitions, online contests, etc.
    • Any act or omission resulting in damage to Samco in any form whatsoever in nature.
    • Spam, bulk distribution of invitations, distribution to strangers, or any other promotion of Samco’s Referral offer through invitations that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial e-mail, SMS, publishing any article or content about Samco’s products, services, etc.
    • Advertisements of any kind or form about Samco’s product and services on mediums like pamphlets, circulars, brochures, notices or research reports, or any other literature or material published or designed for use in a newspaper, magazine, SMS, or other channels like radio, television, telephone or tape recording, video tape display, signs or billboards, motion pictures or other public media including any generally accessible websites or emails, whether in print or audio-visual form or used in workshop/seminar or public speaking or in any other manner, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, etc), or spam under any applicable law or regulation.