How to Pledge & Unpledge Holdings with SAMCO under StockPlus via CDSL?

SEBI vide its circular dated 25/02/2020 has made it compulsory for the Clients to authenticate its pledge and unpledge transactions through the Depository. CDSL is the associated Depository in case of Samco Securities. Thus, henceforth all pledge and unpledge transactions under StockPlus Category will require an additional OTP verification process through the Depository – CDSL. Limits against your shares would be provided only if the below process is completed.

Share Pledging with Samco StockPlus:

The new process to pledge your shares with Samco under the StockPlus category is as follows:
1. Placing Pledge request through your Back Office Portal – SAMCO Star. From the Holdings tab, you need to click on the button “Pledge” against the shares.

2. Next, the system will display a pop-up window where you need to enter the quantity required to be pledged and click on Pledge.
3. Now, you will be able to see that your pledge request is pending.

4. Post this, you need to approve the transaction on the CDSL WebPage. Use your PAN Card number or Demat Account Number to access.

5. Click on Generate OTP button and enter the received OTP in the given field.

6. After clicking on Verify, click on the “OK” button inside the confirmation box.
7. This will complete your pledging process and the success would be displayed as below.


Shares un-pledging with Samco StockPlus:

You can unpledged your shares by clicking on the Unpledge button on the holdings page. The shares would be unpledged at the end of the day and you can sell those shares on the next trading day.
We also provide the option of Instant Unpledge & Sale, where the shares would be unpledged instantly and sold in the market at the available market price.

If you’re an E-Samco client (client without active POA), you will be first redirected to the CDSL E-DIS portal where you’ll need to authenticate the E-DIS request, and only then instant Un-pledge request would be accepted.

  • If you’ve performed the E-DIS process for a particular stock, you will not be allowed to pledge the shares for the day. You’ll see the following disclaimer: “Since you have already entered E-DIS sale request with CDSL, Pledge request will not be allowed today. Kindly try pledging tomorrow.”
  • Only clear holdings to be allowed for E-DIS. Eg: If you have 100 shares of Reliance and you pledge 20 shares of Reliance under StockPlus, you would be allowed to perform E-Dis for the balance quantity of 80 only.

To understand this process better, you can request support by raising a ticket or contacting us on our helpline number 022-2222-7777.

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