45 Best Auto Ancillary Stocks India

We’re in the mid of 2018 and still you have not identified any sectoral investment idea then this is the article which presents you the best auto ancillary stocks india in 2018 which you could consider for investment purposes. But it is highly recommended that before investing in stocks, conduct proper due diligence. 45 Best Auto Ancillary Stocks India The list presents you the stocks along with the last recorded share price, EPS,PE, 52 week high, 52 week low and more more information.

List of Best Auto Ancillary Stocks in India

Company NameIndustryLast Recorded Share Price52 Week High52 Week LowEPSPE200 DMA
Alicon Castalloy LimitedAuto Ancl - Others634.576147729.0821.82603.83975
Amara Raja Batteries LimitedAuto Ancl - Batteries772902.85664.5527.627.97790.3945
Amtek AutoAuto Ancl - Susp. & Braking - Others10.234.68.9523.810.4322.94975
Automotive Stampings and Assemblies LimitedAuto Ancl - Others70119.7563-29.35#N/A83.00375
Automotive Axles LimitedAuto Ancl - Dr. Trans & Steer - Others1218184970455.5421.931310.66975
Autoline Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Equipment Lamp74.5123.550.7-30.11#N/A85.40775
Autolite (India) LimitedAuto Ancl - Equipment Lamp63.25110.850.40.57111.8171.58125
Banco Products (I) LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts222.15277198.216.3413.6227.7895
Bharat Gears LimitedAuto Ancl - Gears & Drive173.2231.7128.97.8122.17176.98075
Bosch LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts17949.952524016975482.3837.2119765.405
Castex Technologies LimitedAuto Ancl - Others2.
Exide Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Batteries252.9270.5192.4#N/A#N/A220.89375
Fiem Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Equipment Lamp82910657918.8393.85912.92975
Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited.Auto Ancl - Engine Parts411.2591.9403#N/A#N/A491.56275
Gabriel India LimitedAuto Ancl - Shock Absorber150.5222.51306.5622.94174.68575
Harita Seating Systems LimitedAuto Ancl - Others9451139.8685.05-12.81#N/A927.612
Hindustan Composites LimitedAuto Ancl - Dr. Trans & Steer - Clutch399690381.115.7225.38470.04775
The Hi-Tech Gears LimitedAuto Ancl - Gears & Drive456.9602.7532210.7342.58437.92675
India Motor Parts and Accessories LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts992144978032.1330.871011.0915
India Nippon Electricals LimitedAuto Ancl - Electrical5111430443.35#N/A#N/A909.65525
Jamna Auto Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Susp. & Braking - Springs92292.451.93.1329.43103.25375
Jay Bharat Maruti LimitedAuto Ancl - Others463.5747372.8527.2117.03521.72025
JBM Auto LimitedAuto Ancl - Others392629259.517.2722.7477.5385
Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi) LimitedAuto Ancl - Others214.85299.55195.95#N/A#N/A233.73
JMT Auto LimitedAuto Ancl - Gears & Drive3.658.
Lumax Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Equipment Lamp2213.1525801175.2576.5728.911963.566
Lumax Auto Technologies LimitedAuto Ancillaries164930156.17.1522.93712.37625
Minda Corporation LimitedAuto Ancillaries168.5228.898.956.6825.22173.69125
Minda Industries LimitedAuto Ancillaries1258.21358585.935.735.251079.0345
Motherson Sumi Systems LimitedAuto Ancl - Electrical309.05395.62957.5840.75344.468
Munjal Auto Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Others67.597.659.24.1616.2477.7385
Munjal Showa LimitedAuto Ancl - Shock Absorber252312190.4519.3813250.02075
Omax AutoAuto Ancl - Others177.35215.962.053.5849.53119.27325
Rane Engine Valve LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts475744449-25.4#N/A568.306
Rane Brake Lining LimitedAuto Ancl - Susp. & Braking - Others887.3145081245.1719.651095.3305
Remsons Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Susp. & Braking - Springs108146.852.056.0317.9187.98775
Rico Auto Industries LimitedAuto Ancl - Dr. Trans & Steer - Others74.65110.947.74.2717.4887.92975
Shivam Autotech LimitedAuto Ancl - Others64.4107.958.05-0.12#N/A80.17775
Sona SteerAuto Ancl - Gears & Drive#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
Steel Strips Wheels LimitedAuto Ancl - Dr. Trans & Steer - Wheels1288.51473.8725.848.1826.741051.0445
Subros LimitedAuto Ancl - Equipment Others317.3444212.14.7267.21295.83675
Sundram Fasteners LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts638648.95364.05#N/A#N/A533.43975
Suprajit Engineering LimitedAuto Ancl - Equipment Others264.4347.9226.810.0126.41286.05175
Talbros Automotive Components LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts300.735417518.5416.21268.10425
Ucal Fuel Systems LimitedAuto Ancl - Engine Parts230.5338.8180.05#N/A#N/A240.4155

You can read more on BEST Pharma Stocks to Invest in 2018 and can find more useful articles on trading, investing and market knowledge, visit our Knowledge Center section. (Note: The above list is for information purpose only. Avoid trading and investing based on the information given above. Before investing in stocks or mutual funds conduct proper due diligence)

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