64 Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds in India in 2019

64 Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds in India in 2019Mutual Funds is a investment vehicle where all like minded investors come together to invest in securities and these investment vehicle is usually managed by professionals appointed by asset management company. But as a smart investor, we all tend to look out for best dividend paying mutual funds as that’s the way we can generate a great return which can beat inflation. The list below highlights the best dividend paying mutual funds in India in 2018 having the mutual fund launch date, dividend yield in the last three years and other relevant information.The list of best dividend paying mutual funds in India 2018(Last updated on may 2018)
Mutual Fund NameLaunch DateTrailing 3 year Annual Dividend YieldDuration
Taurus Bonanza Fund- Regular Plan - Dividend Option06-05-200841.69%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
DSP BlackRock Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend29-04-199718.51%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund- Half Yearly Dividend Option25-10-200018.01%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Principal Dividend Yield Fund- Half Yearly Dividend Plan15-10-200414.97%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
SBI Magnum Multicap Fund - Regular Plan -Dividend Option29-09-200514.36%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Essel Large Cap Equity Fund - Regular Plan- Normal Dividend Option28-09-201114.18%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Essel Large Cap Equity Fund- Regular Plan- Half Yearly Dividend Option02-11-201513.88%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Aditya Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund -Regular Dividend24-02-199512.54%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund - Dividend01-10-199412.11%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Mirae Asset India Equity Fund - Dividend Plan04-04-200811.91%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Franklin India Opportunities Fund-Dividend22-02-200011.21%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
SBI Contra-Regular Plan -Dividend14-07-199911.09%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Invesco India Contra Fund - Dividend11-04-200710.98%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - Dividend16-08-200410.96%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
HDFC Premier Multi-Cap Fund-Dividend06-04-200510.80%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Essel Large Cap Equity Fund- Regular Plan- Yearly Dividend Option02-11-201510.78%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
HDFC Capital Builder Fund - Dividend Option01-02-199410.71%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
ICICI Prudential Dynamic - Dividend09-01-200410.67%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
DSP BlackRock Equity Opportunities Fund-Regular Plan - Dividend16-05-20009.91%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund-Dividend Plan02-03-20059.89%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund - Dividend09-07-19989.88%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
HDFC Equity Fund - Dividend Option01-01-19959.55%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
ICICI Prudential Indo Asia Equity Fund - Dividend18-10-20079.55%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
BNP PARIBAS MULTI CAP Fund-Dividend Option15-09-20059.12%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Axis Equity Fund - Dividend05-01-20108.97%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
UTI-Dividend Yield Fund.-Income03-05-20058.93%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Essel Large Cap Equity Fund- Regular Plan- Quarterly Dividend Option02-11-20158.84%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund Dividend15-05-20128.81%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Dividend - Regular Plan27-08-19988.80%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - The 20S Plan (D)01-12-20038.79%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Aditya Birla Sun Life India Reforms Fund-Dividend25-06-20108.66%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Sundaram Large and Midcap Dividend27-02-20078.57%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Aditya Birla Sun Life Special Situations Fund - Dividend31-01-20088.50%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Kotak Opportunities - Dividend09-09-20048.28%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Templeton India Equity Income Fund-Dividend Plan18-05-20068.19%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Aditya Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus - Dividend - Regular Plan26-02-20038.16%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Tata Equity Opportunities Fund Regular Plan - Dividend31-03-19937.83%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Templeton India Growth Fund-Dividend Plan10-09-19967.79%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Axis Focused 25 Fund - Dividend Option29-06-20127.57%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified - Regular Plan - Dividend16-09-20037.46%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Franklin India Prima Plus-Dividend29-09-19947.40%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
UTI - Core Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Income Option16-02-19937.25%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
L&T Large and Midcap Fund-Regular Plan-Dividend22-05-20067.06%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
BNP PARIBAS LARGE CAP Fund-Dividend Option23-09-20046.95%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
IDFC Classic Equity Fund-Regular Plan-Dividend09-08-20056.74%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
HSBC Multi Cap Equity Fund - Dividend24-02-20046.73%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
L&T Equity Fund-Regular Plan-Dividend16-05-20056.69%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Aditya Birla Sun Life Manufacturing Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend31-01-20156.56%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund - Regular Plan -Dividend28-02-19936.50%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
BOI AXA Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund Eco Plan-Regular Dividend21-10-20086.25%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
BOI AXA Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund Regular Plan- Regular Dividend21-10-20086%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
DHFL Pramerica Diversified Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend Option25-02-20155.57%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund - Dividend Plan26-07-20075.41%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Edelweiss Multi-Asset Allocation Fund- Regular Plan - Dividend Option12-08-20095.37%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Tata Ethical Fund Regular Plan - Dividend15-04-20015.20%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Edelweiss Large Cap Fund - Regular Plan -Dividend option20-05-20094.86%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Taurus Starshare- Regular Plan - Dividend Option01-01-20094.78%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
LIC MF Equity Fund-Regular Plan-Dividend15-04-19933.65%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Tata Dividend Yield Fund Regular Plan -( Div)22-11-20043.47%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
MOF35-Regular Plan -Dividend Option28-04-20142.77%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
UTI - Equity Fund-Income Option18-05-19922.70%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Edelweiss Multi-Cap Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend Option27-01-20152.49%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
BOI AXA Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund Eco Plan-Quarterly Dividend21-10-20081.80%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
Sundaram Smart Nifty 100 Equal Weight Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend Reinvestment09-01-20171.45%16-05-2015 To 16-05-2018
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