List of Power Stocks in India

Power stocks In the last month, power stocks have been in a strong bullish momentum.  The BSE power index has outperformed the Nifty 50 index and is up by 23.42% as on 20th April 2022. Not just that, the stocks of Adani group have offered magnificent returns and a majority of them are rallying towards making a new all-time high. Adani green energy Ltd. has given  an absolute return of 53%, Adani power Ltd. has generated  an absolute return of 47% and Adani transmission Ltd. has offered a return of 15% in the last month as on 20th April 2022. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that power stocks are the talk of the town. But why are power stocks rallying?

  1. As the summer season has kicked in, many states of India are experiencing a heat wave. Hence, people have increased the use of air conditioners, coolers and fans which has led to high power consumption.
  2. India is the third largest producer and the second largest consumer of electricity in the world. Almost 75% of power in India is generated from coal. Since September 2021, the demand for coal and power has skyrocketed in the international markets. Moreover, some of the major coal producing countries couldn’t produce enough to meet the overall coal requirement. Hence, because of less supply and high demand, power stocks are rallying.

With power stocks rallying, I know you might be wondering which are the power stocks listed in India. Don’t worry. Today we are going to take a look at the list of power stocks listed on the Indian stock exchanges. Let’s begin. In this article: Overview of the power sector List of power stocks listed on the Indian stock exchanges 1. Adani Green Energy Limited  2. Adani Transmission Ltd. 3. Power Grid Corporation of India  4. National Thermal Power Corporation 5. Adani Power 6. Tata Power

Overview of Power Sector in India

India is the third largest producer and second largest consumer of electricity in the world. But the country is still focusing on generating more power. Hence they have increased the installed capacity from 200 GigaWatts (GWs) to 395.09 GWs as on January 2022. Out of India’s total installed capacity, the private sector contributes 46.80%. Until 2012, the contribution from the private companies was 27%. But later, the government came up with new policies to encourage private sector participation in the power generation segment. The biggest advantage for companies in the power sector is that there are high entry barriers. Transmission and distribution segments are under state monopolies. So, if a company desires to enter into the power sector then they will face multiple challenges such as obtaining a distribution license, payment guarantees, selling at a fixed cost and a lot more. So, the stocks which are currently operating in the power sector are going to stay in the game for the long term.

List of Power Stocks Listed 2022

CompanyCurrent Market Price (CMP)Market cap52 week High 52 week low PE ratioPB ratio
Adani Green EnergyRs. 2,811.50Rs. 4,39,722.61 Rs. 3,050Rs. 874.82,266.61173.73
Adani Transmission Ltd.Rs. 2,828.45Rs. 3,11,075.82Rs. 3,000Rs. 86025632.2
Power Grid CorpRs. 227.25Rs. 1,58,517.17 Rs. 239.9Rs.  150.99.582.41
NTPCRs. 162.7Rs. 1,57,764.76Rs. 1,090 Rs. 97.0511.21.27
Adani PowerRs. 246.8Rs. 95,189.25Rs.  256.95Rs.  70.35-189.85.62
Tata PowerRs. 258.85Rs. 82,711.36Rs.  298.05 Rs. 92.434.934.43
JSW EnergyRs. 340.1Rs. 55,913.52 Rs. 408Rs. 99111.734.33
NHPCRs. 36.05Rs. 36,212.35Rs. 1,053.01 Rs. 23.457.851.29
Torrent PowerRs. 557.65Rs. 26,801.59 Rs. 606.55 Rs. 375.519.852.45
SJVNRs. 29.4Rs. 11,553.60 Rs. 33.75 Rs. 24.757.230.85
CESCRs. 84.15Rs. 11,154.68 Rs. 102.45 Rs. 5.7713.491.07
Jaiprakash Power Ventures LtdRs. 7.7Rs. 5,277.16 Rs. 11.15 Rs. 2.8511.870.49
Reliance PowerRs. 15.15Rs. 5,151.19Rs.  19.25 Rs. 4.3-19.140.55
Reliance InfraRs. 130.3Rs. 3,426.76Rs. 150 Rs. 32.7-20.110.34
RattanIndia PowerRs. 5.8Rs. 3,114.66Rs.  9.7Rs.  2.411.370.61
PTC IndiaRs. 99.85Rs. 2,955.64Rs.  144.4Rs.
Nava Bharat VenturesRs. 159.35Rs. 2,312.18Rs.  165.8Rs.  70.47.320.73  
Gujarat Industries Power Co LtdRs. 102.9Rs. 1,556.37Rs.  105.7 Rs. 68.49.720.52
BF UtilitiesRs. 387.5Rs. 1,459.62Rs.  539Rs.  227.1-1,128.7511.36
India Power Corporation Ltd. Rs. 14.55Rs. 1,416.86 Rs. 31.15Rs.  11.75154.130.89
Urja GlobalRs. 17.45Rs. 972.32Rs.  33.4Rs.  5.1755.417.03
Orient Green Power Company LtdRs. 12.2Rs. 915.88 Rs. 28.45Rs.  1.8-77.761.22
Inox Wind EnergyRs. 699.8Rs. 768.73 Rs. 154.45 67.86.440.83
Ravindra EnergyRs. 56.7Rs. 761.08 Rs. 78.0026.25257.961.92
Surana Telecom and power Ltd. Rs. 14.55Rs. 197.53Rs. 17.95 461.131.82
Indowind EnergyRs. 18.45Rs. 165.57 Rs. 44.25 3.2598.140.72
S.E. PowerRs. 26.35Rs. 107.01Rs.  63.45 3.40-36.2719.5
Energy DevelopmentRs. 21.75Rs. 103.31Rs.  42.30 8.2033.190.62
Gita RenewableRs. 169Rs. 69.5Rs.  328.35 31.10-53.3833.9
WAA SolarRs. 52.1Rs. 69.12Rs.  62.30 21.7520.910.4
Karma EnergyRs. 32.5Rs. 37.6 Rs. 42.35 12.3-7.521.14
Suryachakra PowerRs. 1.53Rs. 22.89 Rs. 1.89 0.38-0.4-0.32
Veer Energy & InfraRs. 14.5Rs. 16.69Rs. 22.90 7.6275.880.26
Amalgaated Elecy. CoRs. 17.6Rs. 4.89 Rs. 26.00 12.26-44.83-164.03

Now, let’s take a look at the details of the top power stocks in India as per market capitalization.

Adani Green Energy Limited 

Adani Green Energy is a part of the Adani group. It is one of the largest renewable energy companies in India. The company is engaged in the business of power generation.  It has a current project portfolio of 20,284 MegaWatt (MW). The company also develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains solar and wind farm projects. This generated energy is then supplied to central and state government entities and government-backed corporations. Let’s take a look at the key financial ratios of Adani Green Energy Limited.

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 450,460Face Value: Rs. 10EPS: Rs. 3.02
Book Value: Rs. 15.8Roce (%): 11Debt to Equity: 17.6
Stock PE: 1,107ROE (%): 25.9Dividend Yield (%): 0
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 43,545Promoter’s Holdings (%): 61.27 

*Data as on 27th April 2022

Adani Transmission Ltd

Adani Transmission is an electric power transmission company. It is also a part of the Adani group. The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. Currently, it is one of the largest private sector power transmission companies in India. Adani transmissions own and operate transmission lines across various states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and a lot more. Let’s take a look at the key financial ratios of Adani Transmission Limited.

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 302,734Face Value: Rs. 10EPS: Rs. 11
Book Value: Rs. 87.7Roce (%): 12Debt to Equity: 2.99
Stock PE: 249ROE (%): 21.6Dividend Yield (%): 0
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 28,848Promoter’s Holdings (%): 74.92 

*Data as on 27th April 2022

Power Grid Corporation of India 

Power Grid Corporation is India’s largest electric power transmission company. It is a public sector undertaking, owned and managed by the Ministry of Power. The government of India holds a 51.34% stake in the company as on March 2021. It has set up power transmission lines which are 1,72,437 circuits KM long and has a power generation capacity of 4,74,457 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA). The company has over 150 domestic clients and more than 25 international clients. The company has also listed its Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) named Powergrid Infrastructure Investment Trust. By doing so they have monetized 5 InvIT assets worth Rs. 7,700 crore. Let’s take a look at the key financial ratios of Power Grid Corporation of India

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 161,865Face Value: Rs. 10EPS: Rs. 23.2
Book Value: Rs. 111Roce (%): 11.4Debt to Equity: 1.74
Stock PE: 11.7ROE (%): 18.7Dividend Yield (%): 4.24
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 1,35,034Promoter’s Holdings (%): 51.34 

*Data as on 27th April 2022

National Thermal Power Corporation

NTPC is involved in generation of bulk power to state power utilities. Apart from this, the company also provides consultancy services, project management and supervision service, energy trading, oil and gas exploration and coal mining. Currently, the company has 70 power plants which have an energy generation capacity of 63,000 Megawatts (MV) as on June 2020. In 2020, NTPC acquired the entire government stake in Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited (THDC) and North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd (NEEPCO). Both of these companies have an installed capacity of 3,300 MW which is an additional benefit to NTPC. Let’s take a look at the key financial ratios of NTPC

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 1,51,026Face Value: Rs. 10EPS: Rs. 16.6
Book Value: Rs. 134Roce (%): 8.57Debt to Equity: 1.61
Stock PE: 9.40ROE (%): 12.6Dividend Yield (%): 3.94
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 2,08,541Promoter’s Holdings (%): 51.10 

*Data as on 27th April 2022

Adani Power

Adani power is one of the renowned thermal power producers in India. It generates 98% of its revenue from power supply, 1% from trading goods and 1% from sale of fly ash. It has an installed thermal power generation capacity of 12,410 Mega Watt (MW) from its six power plants. Moreover, Adani power is further trying to grow its power generation capacity and hence they have seven more power plants under construction. These seven plants have a power generation capacity of more than 7,000 MV. Let’s take a look at the key financial ratios of Adani Power

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 111,504Face Value: Rs. 10EPS: Rs. 0.72
Book Value: Rs. 34.7Roce (%): 14.2Debt to Equity: 3.94
Stock PE: 399ROE (%): -7.4Dividend Yield (%): 0.00
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 52,748Promoter’s Holdings (%): 75 

*Data as on 27th April 2022

Tata Power

Tata power is engaged in the business of power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It generates electricity through thermal, hydro and renewable energy. The company has a total power generation capacity of 12,808 MV. The company generates its revenue from these segments.

  1. 37% from the power generation segment.
  2. 16% from renewable energy sources i.e. wind and solar.
  3. 46% of revenues comes from the transmission & distribution segment.

Let’s take a look at the key financial ratios of Tata Power

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 79,724Face Value: Rs. 1EPS: Rs. 5.11
Book Value: Rs. 66.6Roce (%): 7.36Debt to Equity: 2.31
Stock PE: 47ROE (%): 3.41Dividend Yield (%): 0.62
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 49,060Promoter’s Holdings (%): 46.9 

*Data as on 27th April 2022

Bottom line

With this we come to the end of this article on the best power stocks listed in India. Now, it is obvious that the power sector is forever going to be in demand as people are never going to stop using power. To know which are the best power stocks to buy, all you need to do is visit Samco’s star ratings page and check the ratings for stocks from the power sector. The star rating provided in Samco star is revised daily and is calculated using more than twenty million data points. It also mentions the financial ratios of the stock and pros and cons of investing in the company. So, researching the best power stocks just got simpler. To invest in any of the power stocks, open a Demat account with Samco.

Happy Investing 

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