Top 25 Companies Listed in Stock Exchanges

There are thousands of companies listed on both the exchanges ,i.e. NSE and BSE, collectively but most of the companies lag behind when the confidence of investors is looked up and one such proxy or indicator is market capitalization. Market capitalization is the valuation of any company in the eyes of investors. This is simply calculated by multiplying the current price of the stock with the no of shares issued. The list below highlights the Top 25 companies listed in stock exchanges in India.Top 25 Companies Listed in Stock Exchanges To prepare the list, market capitalization has be considered as the sole criteria and readers must understand that there are many ways in which any company can be judged upon.The list basically highlights the last recorded share prices,52 week high ,52 week low, EPS, PE, Market capitalization and many other information of stocks.Top 25 companies listed in Stock Exchanges(Last updated on May 2018)
COMPANY NAMEFACE VALUELast Recorded Share Price52 Week Low52 Week HighMarket CapEPSPEShares Outstanding
HDFC BANK22022.11545.25206552187930051227.77260.172580877834
KOTAK BANK51277.95932.51304.45241950170853932.6539.141893267969
ICICI BANK2298.05255365.719300255989605.4754.466475509740
COAL INDIA10269.75233.7316.95171778026148613.619.836368045455
BHARTI AIRTEL5370.1360.6564.814843020187572.75134.584010543081
AXIS BANK2543.7447.5627.614072017776016.1188.992588195229
HCL TECH2916.65824.851108128190018519365.9313.91398461955
HINDUSTAN ZINC2297.4226.85340.2126258086285321.8313.624245396398
ASIAN PAINT11315.51080.51332124944267791420.5264.1949785388
INDUSIND BANK101913.651375.21951.5115217582807040.1647.65602082833
SUN PHARMA1482.75432.7656.95116977455941610.7345.012423147715
ULTRA CEMENT1039973773.34599.9110264929632280.949.4127586922
For more useful articles on trading, investing and market knowledge, visit our Knowledge Center section. (Note: The above list is for information purpose only. Avoid trading and investing based on the information given above. Before investing in stocks or mutual funds conduct proper due diligence)

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