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Commodity SPAN margin calculator!

Margin calculator to calculate the total margin required for trades made in the MCX - commodity derivatives segment.

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The SAMCO commodity SPAN Margin calculator is the first online trading tool in India that let's you calculate comprehensive span margin requirements for commodity trading.

The commodity SPAN Margin calculates the span margin, exposure margin and the extreme loss margin (ELM) required by the exchanges based on volatility, underlying price movements amongst other factors. The Exposure Margin and Extreme loss margin (ELM) are usually levied as a percentage of the Value of the Contract in addition to the SPAN Margin. In times of low volatility the MCX Span Margin for the commodity in percentage terms is usually low and increases in case of higher volatility in the underlying.

Users can use this calculator as a MCX Margin Calculator to calculate the span margins required for trades made on the MCX Commodity Derivatives Segment.






Combined Margin Requirements

SPAN Margin 0

Exposure Margin 0


Additional Margins 0


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