How is the Buy Average Price Calculated in Samco Star Backoffice?

If you trade in the same stock multiple times, you will notice the buy average price of your holdings or positions changing. This is because each time you buy the same stock, the buying price gets averaged. This average price is derived from the weighted average accounting method
You can check the buy and sell average price of stocks you traded from the P&L Statement which is available in Samco Star BackOffice, Samcoe App, and Samco Web in My Holdings.
The buy average calculation of your holdings will exclude intra-day trades. In case you sell your holdings and then buy it back the same day, the difference will be considered an intraday profit or loss, and your holding's buy average will remain unaffected.
To understand the weighted average accounting method assume you made the below buy trades.
So the buy average will be Rs.14.58 (i.e Total amount invested divided by the Net QTY)
In case you need a statement with any other accounting method, you can contact our funds' department on 022-22227777 or raise a ticket on support helpdesk in Funds/Accounts/Contract Note related Issues.

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